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Joshua vs Fury - IS OFF! 🥊


Who wins and how?   

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Fury wins via late stoppage. I base this prediction on the following:

AJ is essentially a lesser version of a prime Wladimir Klitschko. Both are reliant on establishing their jab to set up their power shots, but they struggle if they are made to feel uncomfortable at this range. Fury has all the tools to exploit this weakness in AJ's game. He has the better jab and his use of feints will surely take Joshua out of his comfort zone. He also has a stronger inside game, and the better defence. Thus, Fury is at an advantage wherever the bout is contested at. 

Granted, AJ is a powerful puncher, but so were Wladimir and Wilder, yet Fury was able to take the best punches of both, and other than in the final round of the first bout against Wilder, was never really troubled. Moreover, a key difference between Joshua and Wladimir, is that Wladimir has better cardio. Therefore, I believe Fury will be able to walk down and stop a tiring AJ in the later rounds. 

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4 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

Im still not convinced this is happening though, something is going to go wrong, it has too 😄

I agree. Until they are actually in the ring this has more potential pitfalls than can be imagined. Fury is the worry. He has looked to be in a good place mentally for quite a while now but I always have the feeling that anything could happen with him. 

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The only thing that worries me is that a week or so ago Fury claimed he's been on holiday and has been drinking up to 12 pints of beer a night, which obviously would not be good. He claims he's stopped training altogether, which is also a worry.

Hopefully it's all a bit of gamesmanship rather than him being honest. I've long said that the fighter most capable of beating Tyson Fury is Tyson Fury. If he goes off the rails, lets his mental stability slip, then he could end up blowing it.

The daft big prick has a chance to make a ton of cash and effectively ride off into the sunset as the greatest British boxer of all time. Let's hope he doesn't blow it all because he fancied a cargo and couple of games of darts.

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35 minutes ago, Mr Lawrence said:

Fury in his most recent interview looked in decent shape, no bloated face or anything.

Apparently the only thing left to decide is the venue and date. If they both agree on these it is done. 

Yeh, i read the quotes and got a bit worried, but actually seeing him on that MTK show last weekend, he looked in good nick. 

You just never know what to believe when it comes to what Fury says. I read something the other day where someone said that Fury was once asked the same question 6 times on a media day and he answered it differently every single time.

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21 hours ago, theringmaster said:

Apparently August 14th is the preferred date because it wont clash with the Olympics


This is dragging on. Hopefully we’re near to it actually getting locked in now. Fucking bored shitless of the talk of it now, to be honest. 

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At least the fight will be on at a decent time if its taking place in Saudi. Probably be around 9pm UK time.  Both Fury and Joshua had appeared on the Jonathan Ross show hoping for Wembley Stadium.  Although I'm sure the rematch will be a cert for Wembley.

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  • wandshogun09 changed the title to Joshua vs Fury - IS OFF! 🥊

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