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Marvin Hagler has passed away.


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Thought this would be worth sharing here as well. 

1 hour ago, Frankie Crisp said:

Cracking ten-minute video from Rummy’s Corner on Marvellous Marvin.

One man’s story about how Hagler got him into boxing and like a few of us, doing so with the help of his old man.

Lovely tribute I think you’ll both enjoy, @wandshogun09and @Keith Houchen



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Sorry to keep bumping this thread but actually I’m not sorry. This tribute from Teddy Atlas is beautiful;

Especially loved the stuff about his loyalty to the Petronellis. That doesn’t really get talked about enough but he was with them from the beginning of his career to the end and stuck with them when he could’ve gone elsewhere with a bigger name or more money. Shows what a class act he was.

The quote at the end is quality as well...

Doctor: Marvin, can you see?

Hagler: I ain’t missing him am I? 

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Marvellous Marvin was a great man. Everything about him, shows that. The loyalty, dedication to his craft, sheer desire to never give up, attitude to win. He was that feared, it took 50 fights before he was even given a title shot and then he was still robbed.

The urban legends about him are all true, the thick muscle in his head, doing his road-work in military boots in the freezing cold. Getting paid $20 for his debut pro fight. Compare that to Sugar Ray Leonard who got $40,000. He couldn't wait another 3 years to go to the Olympics, he said "gold medals don't buy groceries".

Staying with the Petronelli's through his whole career, they trained him from the moment he stepped into the gym to the end of the15th round against Leonard. Nowadays, a boxer can put a loss down to the trainer wasn't a right fit or I can't make this weight anymore. Hagler stayed at Middleweight his whole 14 year career.

And when he was done, he was done. He made his money and left on his own terms. No flashy, underwhelming, pay-day comeback.  He got out when he wanted to.


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