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UFC Vegas: Brunson vs Holland - Mar 20 🇺🇸

Who wins and how?   

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Derek Brunson derails another one. I think at this point it’s safe to say that if you want to build up a prospect, it’s probably best to keep them the fuck away from Brunson. That’s Shahbazyan and Holland now he’s put the brakes on. Wasn’t the best of fights but Brunson did what he had to do and won wide on the cards by my scoring. Had to be annoying as fuck having Holland chatting shite in his ear the whole time so Brunson maintaining his composure and just going about his business was probably harder to do than he made it look. I liked Brunson’s callout of Paulo Costa. I’d be all over that fight. With Whittaker vs Gastelum booked now they might as well crack on with that.

As for Holland, I like him but this whole thing just smacked of him starting to buy into his own hype a bit too much. He’s always been a talker and a bit of a showboat but it seemed like he saw all the positive reaction and the LOLs at that video of him talking shit in all those fights and tried to up that schtick even more here.

Holland entering the arena...


Holland entering the Octagon...


Holland in the fight...


Just didn’t pan out. Dana’s already gone overboard saying Holland had a “mental breakdown” or some shite. But I think this was just as simple as him coming up against a man who that talking cack won’t work on. Looking at how the fight played out here, I don’t think it mattered. He had no answers for Brunson’s game, especially the wrestling. Just seemed like he accepted he was going to lose fairly early on in the fight and, from that point on, was more concerned with being funny than anything. Worst thing was he didn’t even seem arsed in his interviews after the fight. I don’t know if it’s a mask to bluff everyone and act like he’s not bothered or if he genuinely doesn’t care but it’s a shame really because he’s got skills. But that kind of attitude is going to hold him back at the top level. As we saw last night. Brunson’s not the guy to piss about with.

Max Griffin getting the big finish was nice to see.


Every time I watch him he’s usually going to decisions in these gruelling tough fights so it must’ve felt good for him to get that decisive finish. Song got laid out good and proper.

Montserrat Conejo vs Cheyanne Buys was a weird one. Both looked like decent signings coming in so I was kind of looking forward to it. And in the first couple of seconds it looked like it might be a fun scrap. Quickly fizzled out though and turned into a bit of a shit fight. They probably deserve a bit of slack for that though seeing as Conejo came in on very short notice so it was far from the ideal UFC debut for either. Still, wasn’t much good to watch. So much of it took place in long headlock sequences that I started to think I’d flicked over to a Randy Orton match or something. Crap. And what exactly was all that about at the end? I saw loads of stuff on Twitter saying Conejo spat on Buys but on the replay it looked like she just leaned in and said something. Either way it made me laugh. Buys going “I’ll follow you home bitch”. 😂 And do what? Get headlocked again in the driveway?

Adrian Yanez does it again. Of all the DWCS fighters flooding in over the past 18 months or so, Yanez is probably the one I’ve most enjoyed watching. In just two UFC fights he’s got me as a fan. Exciting to watch, constantly attacking but can be slick slipping punches as well. Scored that highlight reel headkick finish in his Octagon debut and now this...


Like @Dai says, in real time you could barely see what happened. Lopez dropped like a sniper took him out from the rafters. It was some finish though. Lopez was game and he came to scrap but Yanez looks like he might be something a bit special to me. Hopefully they don’t rush him too quickly but however far he goes he’s just another great addition to an ever improving Bantamweight division.

Was happy to see Tuivasa get the quick knockout. This Hunsucker bloke doesn’t look much cop to me. Sloppy as fuck and Tuivasa made him pay...


I like Tuivasa. Not many Heavyweights could carry off the Shania Twain walkout song but he did it proud. The shoe-y thing is rancid though.

Chiasson vs Reneau did nothing for me. I didn’t exactly have high hopes going in and it didn’t exceed my low expectations. Chiasson looked alright in spells but then she’d step off and they’d go back to second gear sparring. Don’t know who I had winning. Who cares? Probably Chiasson but I didn’t think it was a clear cut as the commentary made out. Neither of them really grabbed the fight by the bollocks. The most interesting thing about this fight for me was between rounds when Reneau’s cornerman kept saying “the potato’s there all day”. That had me racking my brains for the rest of the fight.

Grant Dawson scoring the last second KO was cool.


Shame because I like Santos and was hoping he’d finally put a late run together. It seems harsh to say because it was his first loss in forever, but at 41 and with all the inactivity, this feels like a bit of a nail in the coffin. He’s got skills no doubt but you can’t just be taking big breaks between fights in a division that moves as quickly as Lightweight and expect to come back and just pick up where you left off. Nice win for Dawson. I didn’t really get why he kept going for the takedown given Santos’ experience in BJJ but he ended it with ground and pound so what do I know?

Giles vs Dolidze was OK. Nothing to write home about but it was alright. My attention drifted a bit during the fight so I’m probably off base but I was mildly surprised that Giles got the decision. I thought Dolidze nicked it but, like I say, wasn’t paying enough attention to make a strong case and I might be wrong.

Montel Jackson made short work of Jesse Strader.


Easy money. Jackson has looked handy in a couple of fights I’ve seen of his now. He might be one to watch. If nothing else he’s entertaining bell-to-bell.

Only caught some of the Bruno Silva vs JP Buys fight. Switched Fight Pass on halfway through it but Silva looked good. Much needed first UFC win for him and it was worth waiting for. He nearly scored 2 knockouts as well, Buys and then the security guard...


Slick head movement from Steve Wilkos there. Bet the car ride home was awkward for Mr and Mrs Buys. Not the best first day on the job for either, was it?

Decent enough show. I’d say roll on 260 next week but Volk vs Ortega dropping off has really pissed on my chips there. My excitement for that card has plummeted big time sadly. 

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Yanez is quite likeable as well in the bits and pieces I’ve seen. He’s going to be great to follow in the UFC. Like a slightly bigger Brandon Moreno but not as wild and reckless. He’s made a fan

Derek Brunson derails another one. I think at this point it’s safe to say that if you want to build up a prospect, it’s probably best to keep them the fuck away from Brunson. That’s Shahbazyan and Hol

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2 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

Montserrat Conejo

She's definitely the kind of girl I would swipe right on tinder and be too scared to ever meet up with.

I do love the kesa gatame. It's the other person's fault for not being able to escape it.

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That shit-chatting was funny for exactly one intermission. The cherry would have been Brunson KOing Holland with one punch then saying "Hey Khabib! Guess he could use a cornerman!".

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That was a decent show overall but I am so frustrated at Holland's performance, he had the tools to piece Brunson apart on his feet but he made no effort to get up once he got taken down. I don't think Holland cares too much as he will most likely step up and fight in another few weeks and build up another run again but this loss definitely has taken a bit of the shine off him.

Adrian Yanez is the real deal, he's got such a nice style to watch and I can't wait to see him back in there. I love his Mexican boxing style. I can't see many people wanting to fight him, maybe a wrestling focussed bantamweight might fancy their chances but I don't envisage any strikers wanting to test themselves against him.

I was glad to see Tuivasa get a win, he's a good character to have around in the heavyweight division, he'll never be knocking on the door of a title fight but he's fun to watch.

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Yanez is quite likeable as well in the bits and pieces I’ve seen. He’s going to be great to follow in the UFC. Like a slightly bigger Brandon Moreno but not as wild and reckless.

He’s made a fan out of Teddy Atlas as well. Teddy’s been getting more into MMA lately anyway but he really seemed to like Yanez.






Yanez was told about Teddy’s tweets after the fight...


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That Holland performance was one of the weirdest in recent history. Someone saying its like hes believing his own hype abit too much sounds about right, he may also feel he needs to play up to what the UFC is marketing him as, but that was just strange. I do like that Brunson didnt bite on any of it though, he just went about his business.

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