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Greatest Album Of All Time

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Here you go @PowerButchi

Over in the youtube/Millard shill thread I posted about Mike Reid's magical Chantilly Lace. I was doing some google sleuthing about what other numbers Mike had done and discovered the greatest album o

Alright fuck it, lets do this. Track 1 - You're The One I Want By Arthur Mullard & Hylda Baker   The compilation starts off with this upbeat number, a cover of the Grease

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Track 14 - "Living Doll" by Lionel Bart


Bit of a head scratcher this one, this compilation album has pretty much been songs by various "celebs". So when I saw the name Lionel Bart I thought "who is this? Some tap dancer from the 60s or something?". Lionel Bart is just some bloke that wrote songs, wasn't on Corrie, wasn't on some sitcom, I don't understand the inclusion.

So most of you will know the song by the title which was made famous by Cliff Richard (or maybe The Young Ones if you're cool). Lionel was the chap that actually wrote the song. But this is his version! It's not good. He sounds like a combination of Leonard Cohen and Steve Coogan's "Keanu Reeves" character from Saxondale.

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