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UFC Vegas: Blaydes vs Lewis - Feb 20 🇺🇸

Who wins and how?   

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Fucking Black Beast!!! That was beautiful, he should be the man to welcome Jon Jones to the Heavyweight division. 

The Beast surprised me there. Like Silky, as happy as I was to see Lewis get the win, I felt sorry for Blaydes. The little profile pieces they did on Blaydes this week were good and I warmed to him a

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ive gone the same as you wand. on that main card, though ive picked Oleinik over Dakaus, so anyone betting on that one is probably better off going with a draw. 

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I've put a big money £3 accy on Drako Rodriguez, Ketlen Viera and Andrei Arlovski.

The odds are 5/1.

I don't expect Arlovski to win but if I bet on Aspinal the odds were something silly like 1.5/1. Hardly worth it.

I listened to Aspinal on Bispings "Believe you me" podcast and he came across like a nice bloke, but I always cheer on the veterans when it's prospect vs veteran.

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I am THEEEE happiest person in the world right now!!!!! 
The black beast was not fucking playing around tonight!!!! ......He himself admitted he really struggled to get it going in the first round to a scary degree, I was admittedly feeling so bummed out because it looked like he was on another planet......BUT THEN.......That fucking man never fails to let me down landing a uppercut and 2 of the most brutal ground strikes I've seen in a long fucking time to knock Curtis out for way over 2 minutes. 

It is no hidden thing I fucking love Derick Lewis in a huge huge way and I'm so glad he got the victory in a fight he was pretty much counted out by everyone including Blaydes who in the pre fight interviews said he had a completely different level skillset compared to Lewis but yet Lewis managed to land that perfect uppercut to send Blaydes to another fucking planet.

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Felt a bit sorry for Blaydes there. I dunno whether he was trying to prove a point but he certainly looked good early doors and was in complete control on the feet. You can never count Lewis out though. Christ. 


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A fun card, overall. Plenty of action and some good prospects too. A small bit of adversity for Aspinall won't have done him any harm at all. I like his realistic approach to the fight game too. Casey O'Neill looked good as well. 

You can never count out The Black Beast though. Disgusting power. Absolutely filthy. 

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The Beast surprised me there. Like Silky, as happy as I was to see Lewis get the win, I felt sorry for Blaydes. The little profile pieces they did on Blaydes this week were good and I warmed to him a bit more than I had before. He had a really good first round and it was all going how pretty much everyone expected. Then...


Just ruthless. I don’t know if Blaydes got complacent or what but the way he just ducked into that was proper reckless. You can’t switch off against Lewis or he’ll switch you off. It’s a weird one. If these two fought 10 times I’d probably pick Blaydes to win 8 out of 10. Style-wise he really is a nightmare matchup for Lewis on paper. But Lewis has that game changing power. I know most Heavyweights do but Lewis especially just seems to have a knack for making it count when it matters and pulling it out of the bag when it’s most needed. It was a bad one. Like Jim said, one of the scariest knockouts we’ve seen at Heavyweight in a while.

Wouldn’t mind seeing Lewis get the winner of Rozenstruik vs Gane next. But I don’t know where that leaves Volkov and he deserves a big fight after stopping Overeem the other week. 

Kunitskaya vs Vieira was cack. Yeah, I think I need to sack off the idea that Vieira is a big prospect. She hasn’t looked at the races to me since she returned from the knee injury. Then here she missed weight and got decisioned in a snoozer by Kunitskaya who I’ve always felt is very average. It’s just not happening for Vieira. This was no fun to watch. Just can’t get on with Kunitskaya’s style. 

Chris Daukaus stopping Oleynik in 2 minutes was quite impressive. For once my gut feeling on a fight was correct. I was pretty much 50/50 on this though. Could just as easily have seen Oleynik dragging him to the floor and strangling him. It was one of those fights. But I just had a feeling Daukaus was going to tag him at some point early and swarm. He looks a bit sloppy but whatever. He’ll be exciting to watch because he goes for it. 

Thought Tom Aspinall looked really good here. Say what you want about Arlovski but this was still a significant step up for Aspinall and he passed the test in impressive fashion. I like him. Sweet finish as well. He had Arlovski hurt on the feet in the first round then switched it up in the second...


You don’t see Arlovski just get taken down and subbed like that. Aspinall was on the neck immediately. Arlovski didn’t even defend which was odd from a veteran. Guess it was the element of surprise. Seen a lot of positive talk about Aspinall on social media this morning which is refreshing, we don’t get much in the way of new blood to get excited about at Heavyweight. I don’t see him being the champ or anything but he’s good. And good will do in a division full of shitehawks outside the top few guys. I like the idea of him vs Daukaus next. 

John Castaneda lit up Eddie Wineland bad. I said in the opening post that Wineland is pretty much set in his ways now and you knew he was just going to come out and trade. Even after getting ironed out by O’Malley last time. Well...


Hands down, chin up on a flagpole and Castaneda made him pay and just bashed him up. Wineland is old school and he loves a scrap but that wild approach isn’t going to cut it in 2021. Not in a division that’s gone from strength to strength like Bantamweight over the last few years. The new breed 135ers are too skilled for that. 

Julian Erosa is putting together a nice string of performances lately. He was always one of those ‘just there’ prelim guys for me until recently. He’s looked good in recent fights though. That’s 3 finishes on the trot now.


Landwehr was complaining about the stoppage and he did recover quickly but I can see why the ref jumped in when he did. Landwehr looked done the way he went down. I hope they keep Landwehr around though. He’s been great to watch win or lose so far. Never a dull moment. Erosa needs to change the nickname though. ‘Juicy J’ is shite. 

Casey O’Neill looked pretty good in her debut but it’s hard to gauge much from it because Dobson isn’t much cop herself. O’Neill squashed her as anyone half decent would though. A solid Octagon debut and it’s a little bit more much needed added depth for the Flyweight division. 

Ariel Helwani got the big knockout as well.


Nice win for Zahabi there and exactly what he needed coming off a couple of losses and a big chunk of inactivity. 

But with all that said, after all the finishes on this card and after the Beast walloped Blaydes into the afterlife, it’s Chas Skelly who was most deserving of a Performance Of The Night bonus last night. The state of this 😂

Odd night all around for him. His fight with Jamall Emmers got cancelled at the last minute. Literally the last minute. Skelly had made his walkout and was actually stood waiting in the Octagon and Emmers never came out. One of the weirdest things I’ve seen in the UFC. And I’ve seen Ben Askren’s striking. Turned out Emmers had back spasms backstage and the fight got called off. Then Skelly just wanders backstage and serenades the media like it’s nothing. I hope he at least got his show and win money.

Really fun show that. Kunitskaya vs Vieira was the only thing dragging it down a notch. 

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That gif Wand has posted of the Lewis uppercut is a thing of beauty. Look at the wind-up of the uppercut. Timed to perfection. Those two ground strikes were disgusting too, reminded me of the Lewis KO against Travis Browne. You could hear the Blaydes corner saying "You knew he was done" to Lewis and then Lewis replying "Thats Herb Dean's fault" 😄. Dont think there was anything wrong with those punches myself either. Blaydes was deep in on a single leg at the start of R2 and couldnt finish it, which I think made him panic and led to the desperate shoot which led to the finish. Impressive take down defence gave Lewis the opening to land that strike.

Had this result spoiled for me too, as the BBC Sport app had the result fairly high up in the headlines. Dont think Ive ever seen a random Fight Night result with two fairly unknown people make the front page of the app before.

Minner/Rosa was a very good scrap too. Plenty of great ground transitions in it.

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