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She definitely has a lot of potential but she will easily fall into the trap of a female Ricochet if she's not careful. NXT needs to give her a space to work on her personality, which I don't think she really has at the moment. Push forward her determination, her Ninja Warrior stuff etc. It's easy enough to make her into something but she needs to have that backing behind her. She doesn't even need to be that good on the mic. We just need to be given a reason to care, which I don't think Ricochet has ever had beyond 'ooh he's obviously talented' or 'he was good on the indies'. That's not to say he's terrible these days but very few flashy guys get away with just being flashy in WWE and being successful from it.

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Check out Finn’s new T-shirt. Same energy.

I am hoping it is the offspring of Pete Gas and Rodney so we can have the Mean Street Kids. 

This reminds me of when I found myself down a Youtube rabbit hole watching a 'Biggest fails' compilation. Anyway there was a bunch of lads wrestling (rolling around) on a trampoline shouting wrestling

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31 minutes ago, Chili said:

Yeah, there is a fair chance he probably helped with her learning to land a move and not break her wrists, being an experienced professionally trained wrestler and her, a gymnast learning to bump and land a wrestling move and land on another person.

But I get what you were trying.

Or that she probably learned how to do all of that at the state of the art wrestling training facility she's contracted to attend multiple times a week, and that someone who's been wrestling for three years probably has some sense of how to land a move without her boyfriend's help? 

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The landing was sloppy but everything before it was mental. I tried to slow mo a replay just to work out the rotations and it was still confusing as anything.

The thing is, I can't see the end being executed much better, purely with the way it's meant to be landed there's always gonna be an issue that trying to land cleaner with that much pace and positioning will eventually have her crack her head back on the canvas. If she tries to land like a coffin drop there's too much that could go wrong very quickly, if they try and position it as some form of Phoenix Spiral Tap at least if she's supposed to look like the end is some form of leg drop it may prevent an eventual injury.

It's a strange one, but it's definitely the point I've remembered most from Wednesday so in that regard it's done the job it needed to.

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I've been watching gifs of the move and can't work it out either @Shy Dad. Then again, it's been 15 years since the first time I saw PAC do the Red/Black Arrow, and I still haven't wrapped my head around how he does it.

I think it's the very final bit of the move that's surprising - back first, but head backwards so there's no way to check the landing - a bit like a Coffin Drop in that way. It didn't look as smooth as the rest of the move but it certainly had impact, more so than a Starship Pain or a Spiral Tap usually does.

It's nice that wrestlers are still able to come up with brand new moves none of us have seen before!

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Just to note, like last week, two Dusty Classic matches are on 205 Live tonight, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari were due to face Ashante Adonis and Desmond Troy until Adonis got smashed everywhere by Karrion Kross on Wednesday, they’ve now been replaced by the unlikely team of Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, fresh off the Fight Pit match.

The other match sees a first for the show, a women’s match, as Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell take on the debuting Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade, the former Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black respectively 

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50 minutes ago, Jesse said:

Isn't it Amazing Red's old 'Infrared' move? 

His landing always looked fairly ungainly too, basically involves just landing your weight on your opponent and just being the size of Amazing Red so it didn't matter.

Infrared had more twist but less backward rotation. And yeah just watched him squish Quiet Storm's head with it.

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