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The NXT Discussion Thread

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The previous NXT thread seems to have been locked and I have not seen a new one created (apologies if one has been).

Anyway, last weeks "New Year's Evil" show was pretty good, with Raquel Gonzalez vs. Rhea Ripley in a Last Woman Standing Match and Finn Balor vs Kyle O'Reilly for the NXT title both really solid matches (the rest of the show was an easy watch as well).

The return of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was announced as well (both Men's and Women's this year).

The brackets for the Men's Tournament have been released today (with a mystery MSK team):


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NXT has been consistently good for a while now, but I think everyone is now in the habit of prioritising Dynamite (myself included) which means that you end up discussing Dynamite first then just never get round to discussing NXT. 

For their own sake, they really need to switch nights.

MSK is surely The Rascals?

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21 minutes ago, rollthedice said:

They'll either be MSK or not in the tournament.

Cracking bit of reporting, there. They’ll either be in the tournament as the surprise team or not in the tournament that’s otherwise fully announced.

Last week’s Last Woman Standing match was super fun. Gonzalez is a superstar in the making.


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21 minutes ago, d-d-d-dAz said:

I’ve fucked my teeth’

This reminds me of when I found myself down a Youtube rabbit hole watching a 'Biggest fails' compilation. Anyway there was a bunch of lads wrestling (rolling around) on a trampoline shouting wrestling moves.

All of a sudden this absolute slab of a kid dives onto the trampoline with a fucking claw hammer in his hands, he bellows "Piledriver" and launches the hammer at his mates head, why he thought a piledriver involved hurling a hammer at your mates head i'll never know.

The daft lump obviously has never attended a P.E or Physics class as he completely misses his friends head and the hammer bounces off the trampoline and into his mush prompting him to bellow in a very southern accent. 



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Another decent show from NXT this week. Something needs to happen with UE soon, though. Its been the same stuff for the last few years, one of them needs to turn, which i presume is KOR.

Balor looked boss in his segment and Pete Dunne continues to be great. I like the little trio of Dunne / Lorcan / Birch. 

Wes Lee and Nash Carter for me, sound better than Desmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz. Their old names sounding akin to the old Johnny Kickpads, not often NXT make improvements on names.

Xia Li is gorgeous. 

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Balor was great in his promo, he's not a great talker but the Irish accent really adds something.

Not seen the rascals/MSK before nothing bad or good about them, unfortunately guys like them are dime a dozen now.

Agree about UE, something needs to be done with them, I'd assume a call up post Mania has to happen

Ciampa and Thatcher was good, both intense with Psycho eyes 

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