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Did that really happen?

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19 minutes ago, RedRooster said:

Was he any good? I knew that Regal commentated on NXT at one point, but Albert's spell as a commentator totally passed me by. 

He was alright. Nothing special. But better than Alex Riley when he was doing comms in nxt. I think he would’ve got better over time but then he got the head trainer gig. 

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Whether you rate him or not, the idea that there’s nothing about RVD that stands out is an opinion I can’t understand at all. I agree that by that time his main event push had been left too long

For weeks, RVD vs Jeff Hardy was the greatest match anyone in my year at school had ever seen. Only watching Raw and Nitro at that point, we'd never heard of him. Then this smug fucker in a tiger sing

That mad couple of weeks when WWE matches weren’t allowed to through an advert break, so every single match was either a best two-out-of-three or required some type of wonky, over-complicated restart.

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I enjoyed Albert on commentary, his gruff voice and accent reminded me of Jesse Ventura. He was nothing special, but he was knowledgeable didn't detract from the product, and could have grown into something better. He felt appropriate for what was then still very much a developmental brand.

He was moved off commentary when he took over head trainer duties at the Performance Center due to Bill DeMott being a wrong'un. 

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Am I the only one that had forgotten Jushin Liger had a match with Tyler Breeze at an NXT Takeover? I remember it being a bit of an odd one just to find in for I've batch at a Takeover art the time but until I was reading through this topic trying to think "what do I remember....."  I'd never have been able to tell you it happened

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