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Best Wrestler 2020  

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Tough choice this year. Page is a favourite, but I couldn’t think of a standout singles match for him. Jericho’s a no-go. Drew, through no fault of his own, suffered from not having crowds for his title win and beyond. Omega was only at his best for the last month. Even Roman’s brilliance has only been from summer on. 

Moxley has been consistently good. So it’s Mox.

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1 hour ago, Keith Houchen said:

The man is a boy, Danny Boy Johnson,

A vote for DBJ is a vote for the future of BritWres

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It's Moxley's year. Best babyface World Championship run in years.

Fantastic run of great feuds, brilliant promos and excellent matches, all in spite of the shittiest of circumstances. If Covid never happens and Mox has this run in front of crowds? I think we'd be talking about it as an all-time great year. He'd finally found his groove, having wild matches with Suzuki in Japan and headbutting the shit out of Jericho in the USA...and then he was robbed of what could've been. Such a shame. Still fantastic though.

He elevated the AEW Title massively, everyone who feuded with him came out better than when went in and, frankly, I don't know how the decision makers in WWE even look themselves in the mirror after what he's accomplished outside of their system. Whether it motivated him or not, he's completely validated his moaning coming out of WWE and proved what a missed opportunity he was. Years of Seth and Roman failing miserably when they had this guy at their disposal. The coolest everyman right under their nose and they had him sniffing fucking handkerchiefs, selling for Nia Jax and losing clean to EC3. Amazing.

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