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The 2021 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery - Deadline for entries 30th January 11:30pm

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Realising my women's picks would have scored around 100 points I think and the men's not a bad shout either (if I'd bothered to play this year) is like losing a winning scratch card for a quid. It wasn't much but it was still a small victory.

Did win the UKFF Quiz fatal 5 way though.

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55 minutes ago, stewdogg said:

How so? Orton still second and second longest in the match.

I havent actually added it up so apologies if I'm wrong but had it have been Edge as announced you'd get the HOF points, points for eliminations, (Orton had none) and the winner points. 

And if you really wanted to analyse it, the survivor award does say 'in ring' time of which Orton had literally none. 

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Quick update - I need to ratify the scores that I currently have by doing a second view of the Rumble's.  I have not had the opportunity to re-watch the two rumble matches yet due to an unexpected increase of work, building work in my house and not really wanting to watch the Rumble matches again. 

I will put myself through the torture this week and I will reveal the winners by the end of the week 

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Apologies for the delay, I have finally found time and a tiny bit of motivation to post the results. 


Firstly the winner of the Women's Rumble Lottery is PSF with a massive score of 168, a good 26 points ahead of second placed Brady is god22. Harry Wiseau grabs third place with 140 points. Gaz2050 picks up the wooden spoon with a pitiful 3 points. 



Now on to the Men's Rumble; The winner is with 196 points is @WeeAl who comfortably beat cobra_gordo into second place. Onyx2 takes the imaginary bronze medal. 

The King of Swing takes the booby prize by getting -18 points with Fog Dude the only other competitor to get a negative score.  








And finally on to the overall scores, the winner is........




@PSF does the double by taking the overall crown, stewdogg narrowly misses out in second and judging by the team who he supports, SuperBacon will be very comfortable with third position. 

The King of Swing takes a second wooden spoon for finishing rock bottom. 


If I get chance I will post a breakdown of points later tonight and I am sorry once again for the tardiness, I have been otherwise occupied helping Mrs Pilchards bring this cheeky lad into the world. 



Until next year (if I can be arsed) be lucky. 

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