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Best in Wrestling 2020 NOMINATIONS

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About a year or so ago Omega did an interview on Observer Radio where - in politer terms than I would've used - they asked him about being a complete dud in AEW up until that point. Kenny responded th

Best British Wrestler - Danny Boy Johnson. For a good decade, the unsung hero of genuinely hilarious internet content, and now he's putting that humour into a brilliant wrestling character. Unmatched

Best British Wrestler: The *only* wrestler I watched all year, and he's a top top lad, Danny Boy Johnson

Best Pro Wrestler - Danny Boy Johnson

Best Women's Wrestler - Bayley, Sasha Banks, Asuka, Io Shirai

Best British Wrestler - Danny Boy Johnson

Match of the Year - Men's Royal Rumble

Best Tag Team - The New Day

Best Wrestling Podcast - New Day: Feel The Power, Mid South Moments, The Truepenny Show

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Best pro wrestler
Nick Aldis - As NWA Champion this year he's the only man or woman to get me to lay that money down to see them lose the belt. Carries himself like a proper champion and is solid in the ring. Cuts one hell of a promo too given the setting he was in. There are other wrestlers getting my vote for top heel and babyface, but for overall package this year, it's the real world's champ for me.

Best women's wrestler
Thunder Rosa - The standout in a fairly bad women's division for both NWA and AEW. Looks like a star, talks like a star and though a little green in the ring, doesn't act like it.

Kamille Brickhouse - Can't remember a single match she had, but the "will she speak?" angle in NWA was red hot and she carried herself like a star with the world's champ. In all positive ways, a modern-day Chyna. Baffled she never got snapped up by the big two, but it may be because she's with Thom Lassiter who if I'm not mistaken got sacked for smacking Charlotte about.

Match of the Year
The Bucks vs Hangman and Omega. I never really got The Young Bucks until this match and wow what a performance. The storytelling is what carries it, not the big spots. I've never seen a tag match so good I pull my wife and friends aside and tell them to watch it, but I did with this.

Brodie Lee vs Cody Rhodes (squash match) - Yes technically the Dog Collar match was better, but even though we sadly know why now, the ending never settled right with me. This one however was perfect. The unbeatable fighting champion Cody getting absolutely flattened made Brodie Lee an absolute star and in turn made the Dark Order stars. The post match angle with the broken belt and the destruction of the Nightmare Family was red hot.

Best Friends vs PnP in a Parking Lot Brawl. Brutal match with hard-hitting spots and a great comedy moment from Orange Cassidy. A great build, fantastic action and feel-good ending.

Best wrestling event 
AEW Revolution - Only dud on the card is Hager vs Dustin, the rest of the card ranges from Good to Perfect. Features my MOTY, and Mox beating Jericho was huge. A real turning point for the company.

Best wrestling show
NWA Powerrr - A brilliantly present, brilliantly booked little chunk of wrestling that I couldn't wait to tune in to. Every belt felt like it meant something, every wrestler stood out as unique and a lot of up and coming stars like Thunder Rosa, Ricky Starks and Trevor Murdoch got their start here. A real shame the pandemic shitcanned it.

AEW Dynamite - Best mainstream wrestling show that's incredibly fun to watch the constant growth of.

Best feud or angle
The slow crumbling of The Elite and potential rise of Hangman Adam Page -It's been slow burning the entire year, but with every new turn it get refreshing. The rise of Adam Page as top face and the current run of Omega as heel champion will hopefully live up to the build.

Moment of the Year
Omega lets Hangman drop after losing the tag belts

IT'S STINGGGGGGG - Sting debuts in the Dynamite Zone

Best babyface
Tim Storm - The truest, bluest babyface in any company. Incredibly likeable, relatable and real. Nobody came close. Maybe Hangman will in 2021.

Best heel
Absolute Ricky Starks - Stood out in the NWA as looking like an early Rocky Maivia, transitioned to AEW, toned it down a bit and got way more mic time. Give him a year or two and he'll be one of the biggest stars in the business.

The Question Mark - A completely stupid gimmick but they took chicken shit and turned it into chicken soup. Suspend your disbelief for a bit and the Karate Master from Mongrovia was the unbeatable monster you loved to hate. KAAAA-RAAAAA-TAYYYYY!

Dr Britt Baker - Started off real green and had go-away heat with me, but slowly turned it round and now she's fantastic on her Waiting Room Segments, being passive aggressive with Tony Schiavone, and her Mandible Claw finisher looks deadly. With a little work in the ring she'll be their top women's star in no time, assuming she doesn't jump to NXT to be with her 6ft hulking boyfriend.

Funniest moment of the year
Sue flipping off PnP in the Parking Lot Brawl

Orange Cassidy coming out the boot of the car in the Parking Lot Brawl

Le Dinner Debonair.

Best tag team
The Dark Order - if we have to be specific then John Silver and Alex Reynolds who went from Jobber team to the standout of the Dark Order, and also Uno and Stu who along with a fantastic bit of weight loss on Uno's end, also improved ten-fold in the ring. 

Question Mark and Aron Stevens. Super funny, both in promos and to watch. A truly funny throwback comedy tag team. Stevens may not be a standout solo star but you put him in there as the annoying sidekick and he excels.

Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega - Put on some barnstormers and then had a completely worthwhile split leading to a great slow burn singles feud. A top example of how thrown together teams can and should work.

Best wrestling podcast
The Lapsed Fan Wrestling Podcast

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Best pro wrestler - Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Cody.

Best women's wrestler - Shayna Baszler, Asuka

Best British Wrestler - Drew McIntyre

Match of the Year - Uso/Reigns I Quit Hell In A Cell, Stadium Stampede, Bryan vs Gulak at Elimination Chamber. 

Best wrestling event - AEW Full Gear, NJPW Wrestle Kingdom, Royal Rumble.

Best wrestling show - ROH (The Pure tournament)

Best feud or angle - Reign's heel turn.

Moment of the Year - Edge returning.

Best babyface - Drew McIntyre, Darby Allin.

Best heel - MJF, Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns.

Funniest moment of the year - The Stadium Stampede match. 

Best tag team - The New Day

Best wrestling podcast - Wrestle Me

Best use of social media - Mad Kurt

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Best Wrestler and Best British Wrestler  - Drew McIntyre, first British WWE champion and the man who carried Raw on his back through the COVID months

Best Women’s Wrestler - Tough one to call but the nod for me goes to Io Shirai

Match of the Year - another tough one as there’s been so many good ones, my top 4 would be Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles for the vacant IC Title, The Bucks vs Omega and Page for the AEW Tag Titles, Finn Baylor vs Kyle O’Reilly for the NXT Title and Roman Reigns vs Jay Uso for the Universal Title

Best Wrestling Event - NXT Takeover WarGames

Best Wrestling Show - AEW Dynamite

Best Angle/Feud - Tie between Reigns turning heel and MJF giving Cody 10 lashes 

Best Babyface - Tie between Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre 

Best Heel - MJF had it nailed, until Roman Reigns returned at the tail end of the summer and made a long overdue turn

Moment of the Year - Edge coming out of retirement after 9 years to the biggest pop of the night at the Rumble

Funniest Moment of the Year - Hangman Page running the length of the football field to clothesline members of the Inner Circle during the brawl between the IC and the Elite on the go home show before the Stadium Stampede

Best Tag Team - The New Day


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Best pro wrestler - Jon Moxley, Roman Reigns, Kenny Omega. 2020 was terrible for all manner of reasons but one major bright spot was finally getting to see my Shield boys solidify themselves as the stars they always should have been. It's a crying shame we never saw this version of Moxley and Reigns feud with each other at the top of the card in front of rabid fans. Anyone that still thinks Seth was the star of The Shield is out of their minds. It was a struggle to think of a third pick, and I don't think Omega would've had a sniff at it in stronger years, but the Pac Iron man match, the Revolution tag and the Page match were all crackers, and he's finally clicking as a TV character.

Best women's wrestler - Bayley, Asuka, Rhea Ripley. Bayley cemented her place when she got an entertaining match out of Tamina Snuka. It was also cool to see her find her voice as a heel and finally become a 'star' after being buried as a babyface. Auska pretty much carried those early empty arena shows. The way they killed her off cast a shadow over Ripley's year but she's looked awesome in every match I've seen of hers. 

Best British Wrestler - Zack Gibson. He's hardly been around, but those little anti-American and anti-neckbeard promos he was cutting were the most electric WWE promos I've seen all year. I can't imagine the heat he'd be getting if the fans never left. Plus, not a nonce.

Match of the Year - Young Bucks vs Page/Omega, Pac vs Orange Cassidy, AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

Best wrestling event - Revolution, Brodie Lee tribute show. I've been fairly critical of AEW this year - simply put, the matches and the storytelling is often too 'indie' for my tastes. But when they hit, they knock it out the park and give me all the buzz back I remember from wrestling twenty-odd years ago. Revolution was a blast. Exceptional build, great pay-offs, and a card filled with bangers of all varieties backed by a molten hot crowd. The Brodie tribute show set a new standard for something we see all too often. A beautiful, cathartic show, put together with an amount of care you rarely see. Absolute class.

Best feud or angle - Moxley vs Kingston, Orton Pillmanizing Edge, Tribal Chief Roman Reigns 

Moment of the Year - Drew eliminates Brock from the Rumble, Brodie Lee squashes Cody, Cody's lashings

Best babyface - Jon Moxley, Drew McIntyre, Darby Allin. Cool, clever, handsome, badass, everyman. Nobody touched Moxley last year. The best babyface promo in twenty years. Drew managed to be the best Top Guy babyface since Cena despite working in the worst environment imaginable. I feel bad putting a shithead like Darby Allin in this category but I'm struggling to think of anyone else. From an in-ring standpoint he's one of the very best - his selling, pacing and body language really set him apart.

Best heel -  Roman Reigns, MJF, Sami Zayn. Complete insanity that it took a fucking pandemic for them to finally get Roman to where he should have been all along. It'll ultimately end up being a waste when they give his 'rub' to Goldberg/Brock, but his transformation has been a joy to behold and it's tragic it never happened when it might have meant something. The Moxley feud was a bitter disappointment otherwise MJF's been golden and Zayn would be the greatest heel on the planet if he was in a more prominent spot. 

Best tag team - Young Bucks, FTR, Golden Role Models. Feels weird nominating the Bucks when they're so instrumental in pushing a tag style I have little use for. But when they click there's nothing like them and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the Butcher and Blade Falls Count Anywhere match, the FTR match and, of course, the Revolution tag. They've also done a commendable job to help get over some of the younger guys. Bayley/Sasha were entertaining throughout their run and regularly mixing it up with fun tags and singles matches. Their attempts at elevating who they worked with was a nice relief from Charlotte shitting on everyone. FTR had a bunch of cracking matches and Tully Blanchard rules.

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Posted (edited)

Best pro wrestler - Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega

Best British Wrestler - Drew McIntyre, PAC

Match of the Year Omega&Hangman Vs The Young Bucks, Stadium Stampede, Brodie Lee Vs Cody Rhodes TNT Title Dog Collar Match

Best wrestling event 'Winter Is Coming' episode of Dynamite Dec 2020, AEW Full Gear, AEW Revolution

Best wrestling show - AEW Dynamite

Best feud or angle Omega/Hangman team and breakup leading to Omega's heel turn, Roman Reigns & Jey Uso feud, Cody Rhodes & MJF lashes angle. 

Moment of the Year Sting shows up in AEW, Omega wins the belt and runs out the back door with Callis, Hangman appears on a horse

Best babyface Cody Rhodes, Hangman Page, Jon Moxley

Best heel Roman Reigns, MJF, The Young Bucks (there's no way these two shitheads can be considered faces in my book. Extremely unlikeable, and if they commit to the turn that would be a good thing. Maybe it makes them a better contender for "worst babyfaces" but I don't think that's a category?)

Funniest moment of the year Numerous from the stampede match, Trent's mum giving Santana and Ortiz the finger, Schiavone telling Callis to do one. 

Best tag team Omega & Hangman, Santana & Ortiz, 

Best wrestling podcast Top Rope Nation, SCG. 

Best use of social media - I don't have Twitter myself but it seems anything that has been shared here by Mongo's account is pretty much gold, like the man himself. 

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Best pro wrestler - Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Kota Ibushi

Best women's wrestler - Thunder Rosa, Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida (I only watch AEW and New Japan, otherwise I'd probably be voting for three different women entirely)

Match of the Year - Kenny & Hangman VS The Young Bucks (AEW Revolution), Stadium Stampede (AEW Double or Nothing), Kota Ibushi VS Kazuchika Okada (WK14 Night 1)

Best wrestling event - AEW Revolution, Dynamite; Winter is Coming, Dynamite; Brodie Lee Tribute Show

Best wrestling show - AEW Dynamite

Best feud or angle - Brodie Lee/Cody, Proud & Powerful/Best Friends, MJF/Cody

Moment of the Year - Brodie Lee wins the TNT title, Cody receives 10 lashes from MJF, Sting arrives in AEW/returns to TNT

Best babyface - Cody, Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy

Best heel - Brodie Lee, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho

Funniest moment of the year - Sue flips off Santana & Ortiz, Sammy Guevara gets run over, Sammy flees the golfcart during Stadium Stampede

Best tag team - The Young Bucks, FTR, Best Friends


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Best pro wrestler  Randy Orton, Mox, Drew

Best women's wrestler Bayley, Deonna Purazzo, Britt Baker. (Honourable mention to Jordynne Grace who single handedly kept me watching impact every week)

Best British Wrestler - Drew

Match of the Year men's rumble, stadium stampede, boneyard match

Best wrestling event Double or nothing

Best wrestling show - Dynamite, (usually enjoy Dark a lot for being so relaxed as well)

Best feud or angle Bayley/Sasha Rey/Seth, Orton/Edge (I enjoyed Orton/Drew as well)

Moment of the Year Sting's Return, Brodie Lee squashing Cody for the title (not just saying this cos he died), IO jumping off the house. Brock finally gets eliminated by Drew in the rumble

Best babyface Jon Moxley, Drew, Orange Cassidy

Best heel Roman, Bayley, Orton 

Funniest moment of the year Sammy getting chased by the buggy. Matt Sydal botching the shooting star press as soon as he debuted. Otis and Mandy Rose by the pool when we could see Mandy Rose's sexy dream about Otis.

Best tag team Young bucks, Butcher and the Blade, Hurt Business

Best use of social media - Vampiro for posting videos of him walking round the street at 5am in the same clothes talking nonsense to the camera every day during the first lockdown

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