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UFC Fight Island: Holloway vs Kattar - Jan 16 🇦🇪 🏝

Who wins and how?   

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I know it’s not the popular opinion but I’ll take Martinez over Buffer any day. I think Bruce Buffer is overrated as fuck. Just a dirt poor man’s version of his brother and he’s only the ‘veteran voice of the Octagon’ because it’s the way it’s always been for some reason. He’s arse. When I turn a UFC show on and it’s Mr WEC Martinez instead of Buffer it’s like looking for loose change in an old pair of jeans and finding a tenner instead. 

I used to think Anik was a QVC presenter who stumbled into the wrong job interview but I’ve really grown to like him over the years. I don’t mind Gooden myself. I can take or leave him. But I’m really sick of Rogan most of all. I’d put up with Cruz, Buffer and whoever else if it meant Rogan would piss off for good to be not funny with his not funny mates on his podcast that I’ve stopped listening to. I groan when I see his big fat HGH head during a show opening now. He ruins any show he’s on for me these days. 

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Fight Night main cards dont come much better than that. What a show to have as their ABC showcase, class from start to finish. More thoughts tomorrow, im off to bed.

Love it... That should be a cracking fight by the way. 

As everyone else has said, what an awesome show that was. It always seems to happen when there’s been a break. It was similar with UFC 249 last year after 2 months of no shows when COVID first really

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Yeh Buffer gets on my tits too, he tries to shoehorn himself into every introduction with his fist bumps and all that bullshit. Good energy but annoying.

I like Martinez simply because he gives me WEC nostlagia vibes.

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