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UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2 - Jan 23 🇦🇪 🏝


Who wins and how?   

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Im not on Twitter, can you see what the result is for that poll yet or have to wait?


I know its all McGregor click bait, but nearly every day recently on my news feed I have a story about how amazingly different Conor's physique is compared to a few years back, always backed up with a shitty 'before' pic of him training, and a professionally lit 'after' pic. Even with that, I cant really see a difference at all.

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2 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

something to watch whilst you eat your lunch:


Yeah I have no fucking idea what happened here, I was enjoying watching this when i went out for a smoke in bitesize chunks but i just tried to go back to it and it would play for a second then say it's unavailable. Shame because Conor was coming across really well in it. 

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Ha. I haven’t even watched it, to be honest. And I won’t. But I doubt I’d think he comes across well regardless. Even if he’s not talking cobblers about Khabib being scared shitless of him, I find his fake humble/I’m a nice guy really act is just as annoying because it feels so disingenuous. I had a belly full of it in the build up to the Cerrone fight. I’ll watch his fights but I just don’t want to hear anything he’s got to say anymore. Ever again.

But yeah, rent free. 


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4 minutes ago, Kfogg1991 said:

It's back up now. I mean there is always a level of bullshit and bravado with Conor but he does seem way more humble and focused than I've seen him in the last 4/5 years 

He's only humble because it suits the narrative he and his management want to paint. Despite his legion of arse lickers and top knot cammandos, his reputation has rightly taken an absolute battering the last few years. He can do all the charity work and kiss as many babies as he likes, but if he was as humble and 'a new man' as many would believe, he'd stop acting as if he's won some sort of moral victory over Khabib. Especially considering the circumstances of his retirement and his mother's wishes. 

His management team have obviously tried to highlight whatever positives he has, but he's so thin skinned that any talk of Khabib has him spouting the same old shit. 

I kinda actually hope Khabib does come back just to school him again, purely just to see the fallout. 


"Philanthropy is the best form of marketing" - Stephanie McMahon and Conor Mcgregor. 

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@Scott Malbranque yeah that whole press conference was one big cringe. How any grown adult came out of that thinking he wasn’t a complete knob and an embarrassment is truly beyond me.

31 minutes ago, Kfogg1991 said:

but he does seem way more humble and focused than I've seen him in the last 4/5 years 

He can’t be any more ‘humble’ than he was in the run up to the Cerrone fight. Christ, they were practically flirting. And focused? It’s funny but how come whenever Conor wins he’s this unstoppable machine but when he loses it’s because he wasn’t focused or motivated? It’s never just that the other guy was better than him. Honestly, it’s worse than the Cain Velasquez excuses for me now. I heard Dana spouting off the other day about how this is the ‘real, motivated Conor’ or some pish. Why would he have not been motivated for the Khabib fight? That was a massive, massive fight against the biggest rival of his career. There was bad blood and a load of shit talk going in. It was the two best Lightweights on the planet at that time so it was a true battle to crown the #1. A proper legacy fight. He had zero reason to lack motivation. It was the biggest fight of his MMA career to date, and probably of his whole career when all’s said and done. And he got battered. So now it’s being spun as if a lack of motivation or focus was to blame.

Fuck, even after that press conference which Scotty’s gif is from, I clearly remember people acting like Conor ‘won’ that whole thing, that he was ‘in Khabib’s head’ and that Khabib ‘looked like he was shitting himself’. All the usual things we heard before his big wins over Aldo and Mendes and Diaz and so on. I even remember some of that talk before the Mayweather fight! McGregor fans had convinced themselves that he was going to just swat aside Khabib’s takedowns and smash him to bits. It didn’t happen, he got crushed and now it’s been retconned into him not being himself, he wasn’t focused, wasn’t motivated, his FOOT WAS A BALLEWN etc etc. That’s the complete opposite of the tune being sung before the fight. 

All I’m reading at the moment is how good Conor looks (he looks 50), how motivated he sounds, how Poirier’s going to be gone in 60 seconds. He might well win. I’m certainly not confident one way or the other on the outcome of this fight. But just watch if Poirier gets it done, how the narrative will change over the following weeks and months. Suddenly it’ll be back to Conor wasn’t himself, he was injured, unmotivated, his milkman had COVID and he was upset and distracted. It’ll be something. If people can watch the thorough arse kicking he took from Khabib and headfuck themselves into believing he wasn’t right, he’d win the rematch, Khabib’s terrified etc then there’s no limit to their delusion. 

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