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Surely no one thinks/thought he was a saint? But you're correct in that every aspect has to be included when assessing what made up such an important cultural icon. Some people are able to watch films featuring abusers, or listen to music, and I suppose it depends whether you can separate art from artist in those instances.

I'm 35, I'm not looking to Maradona to be a leading example of how I should live my life now. I just loved him as a football player. You can hold him up on a sporting pedestal, by still being disgusted by what he did outside of his life. Abusing people is horrendous, and he should be judged for that.

Using his addiction against him, is something people have used in the last few days. Had a massive row the other day when someone on the football group chat called him a "Druggy cunt" until I pointed out that 90% of the group had abused drugs and drink for years. But that's a different chat for a different day I suppose.

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I was 5 when I fell in love with Maradona, so he’s sort of always been part of my life. “There he is, fucking CHEAT!” I remember my Dad spitting at our shitty little TV. I have no idea what

One thing that always makes me smile when people (usually English people) get all indignant about his handball and "cheating" in that game is how quickly they seem to forget the rest of the 90 minutes

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The guy was no saint, I think that's been well documented. Especially in the English media for God knows how long.

Most people I've seen talking about him in glowing terms are doing so from the moment he laced up a pair of those classic Puma boots, until he took off the football shirt at the end of the 90 minutes. I certainly know that's how I see him.

A terribly flawed human being, who possibly ended up paying the most out of anyone for his choices in life. He was just the right individual, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right unbelievable skill on a football pitch. 

As a person? More of a cautionary tale than someone to be revered. 

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Yeah I’m by no means pissing on anyone’s chips here, after all, many people whose work I admire throughout history have killed or abused people (Caravaggio, Kinski, even Oggy and the bloke who scored that diving header on the 87 cup final are tories). And most people can separate the art from the artist, so to speak. 
I adored El Diego, I loved his football, his politics, his ability to wind up arseholes. In death, I’m not going to forget the dark side. 
You’re right about the cheat and drug’s hypocrisy. I mean we all know how he had clumps kicked out of him throughout the whole game but that isn’t remembered. Nor is him saying how he couldn’t have scored the second goal against anyone else because they’d have took him down and England were too noble to do that. And for that matter nor is England beating Argentina in 66 by totally nefarious means. #JusticeForRattin. 

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