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The One Where Taker Leaves Again.

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2 hours ago, Supremo said:

Exactly. I grew up with and followed the career of the mad, spooky, undead wizard. I wanted him to go out in a way that befit that ridiculous, over the top character. I don’t give a fuck about his backstage mates having a reunion or seeing the man behind the character getting his legit respect. Keep that for podcasts or Network specials.

Michael Cole or whoever trying to explain why the pig farmers were there and then taker doing his spooky pose to his dead managers ghost was quite the blending of real and fake.

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This looks like when a group of mates prank one lad by telling him they’re doing a fancy dress night out, and then everyone bar him shows up to the pub in normal clothes.  

Vince has turned into the Ronald Reagan graphic that greets Marty McFly in the Cafe 80s.  

I couldn't find a decent size image of the newer poster, so I made one.  Yes, it's the Survivor Series tomorrow night! Here's the card: Drew McIntyre (WWE) vs. Roman Reigns (Universal)

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Foley looks like he's on the meth and living on the side of a motorway again anyway. He was looking decent-ish a while back when he was Raw owner or GM with Stephanie. Vince looks horrific too, like he hasn't slept in a decade.

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2 hours ago, jazzygeofferz said:

Somebody on Facebook had a go at me for nitpicking because I said it was decent, but could have been better with a live crowd. Left me alone when I said it was the best they could manage in the current circumstances.

That’s a completely fair criticism. For a WWE style match, in an empty arena, with piped in crowd noise, it was about as good as you can hope for. In front of a proper crowd it would have been even better. These two in their current form, playing the roles they were born to play? They’d have real fans going absolutely bonkers.

Those piped in chants though. Man alive. I’m not a big fan of the, “this is awesome!” chant at the best of times, but piping in a fake, “this is awesome,” chant? Fuck off. That might be the quickest way imaginable to take me out of a match and make think it’s not awesome. 

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Austin presented Taker with an Undertaker Winged Eagle belt on Round 2 of their Broken Skull session. 

Not sure I like the tattoo effect.

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I'm tired so:

New Day and Profits was great. I'd love to see that again.

Drew and Roman was fucking fantastic. Epic match. Loved it more than I'd even expected to.

Fuck that stupid Taker shit. I've just watched his cameos and been more entertained. I respect him but that was some boring dragged out crap with disappearing people and a half dead Vince. Ugh.


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