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Loved But Unwatchable Movies

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2 hours ago, Boycie said:

For some reason I found Eraserhead very uncomfortable to watch to the point where I felt physically unwell. 

Yeah me too. I think it's the sheer oppressive nature of the sound design. Lynch is a visual master but if anything he's even better at sound design. The noise of the film is just relentlessly disorienting and distressing, it feels like a nightmare you can't wake up from almost. 

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Call Me By Your Name was heartbreaking! As a bi guy who has had some rather similar experiences as  Elio it really left me feeling uneasy for days.. Its brilliantly acted by Chalamet and Armie but it hits a bit close to home for me. Chalamet is so brilliant in the lead role, I am a fan for life now. 


ET makes mmee bawl like a bitch. The Champ is also a killer! 'please champ... Wakee up champ!' 

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I think the John Hillcoat 1-2 of The Proposition and The Road are incredible, but they're both terrifying when it comes to the idea of a rewatch. Since we had my daughter, I've looked at the DVD of The Road especially a few times and just walked away.

I really loved Control, but it's so relentlessly depressing that I've not felt the need ever to watch it again.

Irreversible and Requiem for a Dream are both great shouts for this as well.

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