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WWE Hell in a Cell was last night

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Yep. All I’ll mainly be doing is echoing @tiger_rickand @BomberPat. For as much as I loved their match at Night of Champions, I hated Roman vs. Jey Uso in the Cell. It was as if HBK and Road Dogg watched that first match and then pitched in and suggested all the worst traits of NXT for the rematch. Overlong, slow, drawn-out, dog-shit melodrama. No subtlety at all, eventually bottoming out with guys just shouting their character’s inner thoughts out loud like some daft mid-match soliloquy.

I can honestly imagine them coming back through the curtain and being told it was almost perfect, but Roman needed to stare at his hands in disbelief a bit more.

The way they played the stipulation annoyed the fuck out of me too. It made sense for Roman, as the heel, to be obsessed with Jey saying, “I Quit,” and refusing to allow the match to end any other way. But if that’s the story you’re trying to tell then why are both the referee and commentators seemingly thinking and saying the same thing?

There was about three or four occasions earlier in the match where it looked like one guy was unconscious but every time you had the referee and Michael Cole shouting, “No! It only ends when someone says I Quit!” What sense does that make? So if someone dies we all just sit and watch their corpse being beaten for the rest of eternity? The whole thing stunk of a massive bullet point on the script that everyone felt they had to constantly push without thinking about how stupid it was and how it undermined the actual story.

Still though. Roman Reigns was born for this role. I’ll never get over the fact this is happening inside an empty building. Imagine this character coming straight after that, “This is my yard!” promo after he beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania? He’d be bigger than Stone Cold and The Rock combined by now.

For years, whenever anyone suggested a Roman vs. Rock match it always felt like Rock would be lowering himself. Well not anymore. This Roman Reigns is a fucking megastar.

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Yep. All I’ll mainly be doing is echoing @tiger_rickand @BomberPat. For as much as I loved their match at Night of Champions, I hated Roman vs. Jey Uso in the Cell. It was as if HBK and Road Dogg watc

Miz has the MITB briefcase, Orton is World Champ. WWE going back to the glory days of 2010 I see. 

Where do you even begin with this.

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I only watched Drew Vs Orton and Roman Vs Jey. They were the only things that really mattered. Despite only watching two matches, it was still way too long. Each should have been ten minutes shorter. 

Orton Vs Drew was the better of the two I thought. The constant melodrama throughout Roman Vs Jey had me rolling my eyes repeatedly. Nonsense that is. That seemed to get really popular in WWE with Shawn Vs Flair, and hasn't fucked off since, but it was at bit's worst here. Saying that, I think there's still mileage in this story with the Uso's being turned into Roman's reluctant henchmen, and the finish helped to put Roman over as even more of an asshole. 

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