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UFC 255: Figueiredo vs Perez - Nov 21 🇺🇸

Who wins and how?   

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He’s a useless, racist, woman beating, thick as shite meathead. He brings nothing but bad press, he’s not even a very good fighter and now he’s missing weight. But he stands and bangs bro. So Dana wil

Shogun looked like the your Dad on his holidays in Tenerife getting in a fight with a German over putting towels out early after a few too many bevvies next to the pool.

It’s all gone very quiet with Zhang. Haven’t heard anything about her in ages. She’ll probably defend the Strawweight strap against Rose Namajunas next and I think it’s got to be Shevchenko vs Andrade

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Can't wait for Figueiredo vs Moreno. Should be really fun, however long it lasts. All in all, it was a decent card. 

I was on-board with Mike Perry after seeing him live at UFC 204 and the Jake Ellenberger elbow, but he really is a prick, isn't he? He'd be better off in BKFC. 

On a side note, BKFC always makes me think Burger King Football Club. Which in turn makes me think of a fast food outlet football league. This could lead to KFCFC. 

Erm, anyways, Joaquin Buckley looked really good. He looks like he could be a real handful at 185. 

Fuck knows what's next for Valentina. I'm guessing Andrade, but I wouldn't be surprised if they push for the superfight vs Zhang. 

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Oh shit i didn't realize Dana was talking about turning them both around so quick......I watched abit of the post fight press confrance but i was slightly tired and didn't take in what he was talking about. 

I was really confused as to why a fight was closing out the prelims with the number 1 and number 4 ranked guy's in it but yet say the shogun fight was on the main card......While i understand shogun is a legend even dana admitted he looked tired and a shell of his former self last night (I mean he tapped to strikes fgs) Yeah the whole running order of the card did have me scratching my head at points.

In regards to what has been talked about so many times i don't believe for a second %20 of there wage is nearly enough of a penalty. Perry was so over weight and doing something stupid like dabbing after it's just been announced he is so overweight just goes to show the level of unprofessionalism and 0 fucks given

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17 minutes ago, Panhead said:

Fuck knows what's next for Valentina. I'm guessing Andrade, but I wouldn't be surprised if they push for the superfight vs Zhang. 

It’s all gone very quiet with Zhang. Haven’t heard anything about her in ages. She’ll probably defend the Strawweight strap against Rose Namajunas next and I think it’s got to be Shevchenko vs Andrade for the Flyweight belt. Can’t think of anything more logical. Then maybe they’ll do Shevchenko vs Zhang if they both win those fights.

First of all, I didn’t realise how much I’d enjoyed not having Joe Rogan on commentary until he came back. Done my head in pretty much all night. It’s time to move on, isn’t it? Let him sit chatting shite with his unfunny mates on his podcast full time. There’s too many better alternatives now in the UFC’s commentary squad. We don’t need DMT Joe anymore. I’m so over his commentary. Everything about him bugs me now. His voice, his bloated HGH face, his high pitched ‘OOOOOHHH’ every time a leg kick lands, constant flogging a point to death as if we didn’t hear it the first 12 times he screeched it. I wish he’d just fuck off. He’s like that insufferable friend of a friend who comes along to the pub every now and then and completely ruins an otherwise good night. 

Figueiredo gets it done again. This was really impressive. Perez is a better fighter than his lack of hype suggests and Figgy just walked through him. Perez just couldn’t get anything done. Figueiredo always had a rep as a dangerous striker but when you look at his record he’s just as lethal on the ground. He’s much more of an all rounder than he’s given credit for. Buzzing for him and Moreno in a few weeks. Never expected to get to see that before the end of the year. 

Shevchenko continues to dominate. Like I said before, I saw a bunch of people on Twitter acting like Maia was going to win this fight and I never understood it. I think that was people trying going for the old ‘I called it’ bragging rights more than anything because there was no logical reason to pick Maia here. I don’t think anyone actually believed it. Shevchenko isn’t invincible obviously. Someone will beat her if she hangs around long enough. Maia just never had the game to give her issues though. Someone should’ve told Rogan though. Seemed like he was watching a different feed to the rest of us that saw Maia looking like prime Marvin Hagler or something. What was that about? He was fixated on what Maia was doing the whole time and was openly questioning why Val was taking her down when she was dominating there. 

Means vs Perry was alright. Perry grappling surprised me. So glad Means won though. Can’t be doing with Perry at all. The fact Rogan was all up his arse crack the whole fight made it even worse. 

Chookagian vs Calvillo was about as expected. All I remember of it is Chookagian’s constant grunting and Rogan hilariously comparing her to Roger Mayweather and Tommy Fucking Hearns! Just realised I’ve moaned about Rogan’s commentary on pretty much every fight so far. 

Craig vs Shogun 2 was just sad to watch for me. Shogun trying to finger Craig’s arse and then being forced to tap to strikes 😞 Craig fought a good fight, he deserves the credit for that. Shogun never looked at the races at all though. Rogan (again) banging on about why Shogun wasn’t using his leg kicks and how it’s “such a big part of his game”, what is this, 2009? Shogun’s barely thrown a kick in years. His knees aren’t there anymore and he’s just a chubby brawler these days who just plods forward trying to land a bomb. He’s been that way for at least 5 years now, maybe longer.

Seen loads of calls for Shogun to retire. Of course that’s up to him and it feels a bit wrong when people pressure a guy to stop doing what he does to earn a living or tell him what to do. It probably is time to really think about it though. People will point to it being his first loss in a while and I get that but anyone acting like he’s been on some strong run obviously never watched the actual fights. He hasn’t looked right for a long time. The wins were either over guys even more faded than him (Little Nog), dodgy decisions (Corey Anderson) or shitehawks (Gian Villante). All fighters slow down and lose a few steps as they get older but you watch Shogun in his prime and compare it to now, it’s actually like 2 different fighters. Fuck, even the Shogun of 2009/10ish is a far cry from the haggard version of today. I’m all for a fighter’s right to make his money but it’s been uncomfortable to watch Shogun for a long time now. Fights like the Little Nog one are the only ones I’d be into seeing him in at this point but there really aren’t even any of them left now, are there? I really don’t want to see him fed to a Rakic, Prochazka, Ankalaev type. 

Moreno vs Royval so much fun while it lasted. Exactly how I imagined it. Sadly it only lasted 4:59 and the shoulder injury led to an early finish. Shame because it was really shaping up to be a crazy war. That rear naked neck crank thingy from the twister position was nasty. Gutted how this one ended but I can’t wait for Figgy vs Moreno now. 

Joaquin Buckley had another strong showing. Coming off such a spectacular KO in his last fight was a tough act to follow and I’m sure a lot of people came into this one expecting him to shoot thunderbolts out of his arse or something. There’s always the risk of looking underwhelming after a KO like that but Buckley kicked arse here. And Wright was coming in unbeaten and confident. He’s definitely not the finished article but Buckley seems to have some legit potential. Finish was ruthless. He sounds well fired up for that James Krause fight. I think that could be a tricky one for him though.

Antonina Shevchenko looked good. By far her best performance so far in the UFC. She seems to have made some gains in her grappling, defensively and offensively. Then she got the stoppage in the second round, and she hasn’t really been known for being much of a finisher previously. She fought well. Must’ve been a huge boost for her being in camp with her sister. What better preparation can you have than training with the best fighter in your weight class every day? 

Decent show. Fig, Moreno and Royval stole it and shone. And there’s still twats who act like Flyweight is boring. 

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Echo the feelings on Rogan. I assume the UFC pay him a pretty penny too. He's in the same boat as Goldberg, where they just seem like they are from a different era. They are not without their flaws, but Felder, Bisping, Hardy and DC just feel way fresher and more natural than Rogan.


If you had to pick a fighter to explain the difference in age and 'fight' age, is there a better example than Shogun? Hes only 38 but looks absolutely ancient in there. All the wars have truely caught up with him. I was thinking Wanderlai as a candidate for this, but he was 36 when he had that classic with Stann, which rules him out. Shogun is only a handful of years older than a load of the recent headliners like Felder, RDA and Uriah Hall, but seems like hes at least a decade apart from them.


Edit: What about the blatent cage grabs by Figueiredo. Could be said they indirectly led to the finish. I think refs are far too lenient with them. Should be a point deduction, or at the very least could they pause the fight and restart it on the ground in the position it would have ended up in.

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Pleased for Paul Craig but it's rude that they're even advertising that it's Shogun in there. He's aged as well as Nu Metal.

Sheva is fast becoming one of my favourite fighters. She's just so good everywhere and dominant too. It's not like Ronda and Joanna where you can pick holes in an impressive package. Usually the deal is the competition catches up with the champ but Shevchenko just keeps getting better too.

Rogan has long been a massive irritant. As adorable as his friendship with DC can be, it doesn't come close to making up for his rubbish commentary. My big gripe has always been Rogan pushing his own narrative over what it actually happening. Many a fight he's hampered because he'll get stuck on some point and won't let it go, even if the fighter he is questioning is dominating all 5 rounds.

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Pretty decent card but maybe not PPV quality.

I was gutted to see Cosce lose. He emptied his gas tank way too quickly in the first round and then he had nothing for Sasha. I think it got fight of the night which was very much deserved. Both guys came to scrap.

I was also sad to see Dustin Stoltzfus lose. I haven't done the maths but I don't think the DWCS season 4 winners so far have a winning record. I think for every guy who wins there are 2 losers. I'll have to look into those stats come the end of 2020.

I wasn't that familiar with Moreno going in, I'm sure I have seen him fight looking at the cards he has been on but none stood out in my memory.  Due to Royval's 2 incredible wins in 2020 I came into the fight biased towards Royval and I was fully expecting a Royval win, I didn't expect it to end so quickly, It was a fantastic 4:59 minute fight.

Buckley looked ace, the Krause fight is the fight to make there and it sure as hell is definitely time to take him off the prelims now. 

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