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20 years ago this month...


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Jericho being the driver would've worked and made sense due his early "save the WWF from boredom etc" stuff and Austin should've been top of his hit list at the time.

I never knew or noticed but if Austin's popularity was fading by late 99 what would've happened going into 2000 and beyond if he didn't neck surgery and be gone a year.

Massive what if cause if it wasn't his neck then his knees would need fixing but worth a thought.

I always love a big return and his great to me, Rikiski aside I enjoyed his feud with trips, the promos and packages were great 

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My reaction at the time was "What a fucking waste!" in terms of a storyline. They'd built it up to mythical proportions that whenever Austin comes back and finds who knocked him over, the blow off will be tremendous. Then Rikishi said it was him and I just thought "Wasted a good angle there lads". 

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Austin had gone stale by Survivor Series 99, probably straight after Fully Loaded really

I suppose in hindsight Jericho would've worked well, he was still a popular babyface but was just treading water, on top of that Rikishi would've stayed as a relatively popular babyface and the crowds were dying to cheer Triple H after Summerslam 2000 

Even more importantly, we wouldn't have had that fucking interminable 3 stages of hell match at No Way Out

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32 minutes ago, air_raid said:

Am I the only person that enjoyed that match?

I can never figure this out. There seems to be this narrative that it's a rubbish match that is hard to pinpoint - kind of like I just have this vague awareness that's what some people think - even though it's a brilliant brawl well remembered by casual fans and sites that don't just specialise solely in wrestling. 

What's people's gripe with it? I think the Armageddon Hell in a Cell has a similar reputation. It's like they went too video gamey, ironically spawning two match types I'm pretty sure are still selectable in the games themselves. 

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