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2 hours ago, King of Hamptons said:

With Christmas money now have enough for a PS5.. Just got to find one. I refuse to pay ebay prices. Anyone know when more are being released? Or is it a case of keep looking? 

Nothing confirmed. All a waiting game at the moment unfortunately. Most places saying 2021 but no specific date. Just have to keep looking. There's some trackers on Twitter and Twitch etc.

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Elgar Scrolls sounds like the posho answer to Guitar Hero. I bet Loki is working on it.

@Rule One Yeah, that sounds really broken. Mine’s been rock solid, icy cold and whisper quiet ever since I’ve got it. I’d say anything other than that is worth a return. My PS5 arrived yesterday

Buying a game on disc but having to download it all? Welcome to PC gaming 2010. Optical media is obsolete at this point, read speeds aren't fast enough to run this new gen's games and Blu-ray's c

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