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Who will be the 10th Wonder of the World?


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On 9/21/2020 at 10:01 AM, Pogue said:

Ninth wonder of the world was a terrible nickname, any time Chyna was on anything mainstream and was referred to by that most people would've just gone 'Eh? Ninth?'

Second verse of this number from the "2 people who've been in Van Halen, the drummer from RHCP & Joe Satriani" supergroup Chickenfoot contains the lyric Felt like the 9th world wonder (at just about 2 mins into the video).

This was recorded in 2009 so Sammy Hagar clearly recognises Andre as legit, but not Chyna.

Or maybe he was just saying he felt like he was Chyna?

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The thing is, it wasn't JUST Andre's size and look that made him feel so special. It was his entire presentation. They'd move him round different territories to stop the mystique wearing off, they had wee tricks to make him look taller in interview segments and he very very rarely lost. They even set up the wee rings at Wrestlemania 3 solely to hide the fact that Andre could hardly walk.

It doesn't matter how impressive someone looks nowadays. If they are on TV every week, doing in ring interviews, posting pictures of their lunch on Twitter and selling shout outs on Cameo then people are going to get used to them very quickly.

So, nah, I don't see anybody else pulling off a 10th Wonder gimmick, unless it's to get heel heat.

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