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UFC Fight Island: Moraes vs Sandhagen - Oct 10th 🇦🇪 🏝

Who wins and how?   

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Yep. Haven’t even got to the rest yet but Joaquin Buckley got Knockout Of The Year sewn up and it’s not even close. 




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This was an alright main card i was a little shocked the main event ended the way it did as it looked (even in the replays) that spinning head kick barely landed and it looked like Moraes was still in the game from the ground but it wasn't a robbery or anything.

The co-main was really slow and sluggish compared to what i was expecting from Barboza 

and the Rothwell fight was also really slow moving and sluggish (he looked super gassed after like 3 minutes in the first round) 

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Thought this was one of the better Fight Nights of the year easy.

Sandhagen vs Moraes was good as expected. What a way to bounce back for Sandhagen after that quick loss to Sterling a few months back. Sad to see Moraes lose though. I’m a fan of both but more Moraes so I’m a bit gutted he’s out of the title race for the time being now. Didn’t have a big problem with the stoppage myself. The ref could’ve let it go a little bit longer but I thought Moraes looked done anyway. Moraes didn’t complain either. 

I’ve seen a few calls for Sandhagen to get the shot at the title now but that would be bollocks. As much as I like Sandhagen and as impressive as this was, he can’t bypass Sterling surely. Sterling’s already earned the shot at Yan AND he just submitted Sandhagen in June. Don’t see how they could spin that one. 

Edson (now with hair) Barboza looked alright. It wasn’t the barnburner it had the potential to be but I think Amirkhani taking the fight on such short notice might’ve played a big role in how it played out. Amirkhani just looked like a guy who was stepping in late. He just looked a bit off and that combined with this being a step up in competition for him as well, it just wasn’t happening for him. Although I’m still not totally convinced on Featherweight Barboza. 

Tybura vs Rothwell was meh but I didn’t expect much from it so whatever.

Dricus Du Plessis had quite a debut. Perez is no contender but he’s also no bum. He’d never been stopped before so for DDP (hey!) to put him away in a round was quite a statement.

Tom Aspinall smashing Alan Baudot out in short order was fun. I pity that fool Baudot for getting rid of the Mr T haircut. In all seriousness, Aspinall is looking good so far. 

Ilia Topuria is another who had a strong debut. Thought he looked a bit of a beast here considering he took it on really short notice and Zalal can be a bit of a handful. Really looking forward to seeing what Topuria can do on a full camp because he looked like trouble here. Especially in the grappling. 

Tom Breese! Just when I was ready to count him out. Chuffed to see him put in a showing like this. Best he’s looked in some time. I liked what I’d seen of Bhullar in the media all fight week and was looking forward to his debut here. He was unbeaten coming in as well but it really couldn’t have gone much worse for him.


Not often you see a guy get put down with a jab like that. Hopefully Breese can build off this, stay healthy and string some wins together now. He’s only just turned 29 so he’s still got some time. 

Chris Daukaus just bulldozing through Nascimento wasn’t how I saw that fight going but it’s Heavyweight MMA and that’s the game. It was about as clear a striker vs grappler matchup as you’ll get in the modern era and this time the striker won.

Not much else you can really add about that Buckley KO. Fucking ridiculous. And even on a card as good as this, it completely stole the show. I must’ve watched it 50 times and it’s not getting less crazy. I’d put it right on the level with Barboza’s spin kick on Terry Etim and Yair’s elbow against Zombie. It was that good. Kasanganay was a class act in defeat as well. 

Kind of makes me sad it happened to a guy like him. You want this kind of highlight reel to happen to a dickwad like Mike Perry or someone of that ilk ideally. I’m sure Kasanganay will be back, still think he’s got a lot of potential. 

Really enjoyed the Kelley vs Alqaisi fight on the prelims as well actually. Really good fight, constant action and a battle all the way. How Alqaisi didn’t tap in that triangle/armbar I don’t know. Good shit. Not sure what the pushing and shoving was about at the end but for a fight I wasn’t expecting much from going in, I was pleasantly surprised.  

Really, really fucking good show top to bottom barring the odd exception. 

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