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UFC Fight Island: Holm vs Aldana - Oct 3 🇦🇪 🏝


Who wins and how?   

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5 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

i know hes long past his best but surely they should have slotted Condit/McGee onto that main card.

Agreed. It makes no sense that a former title challenger, interim champ and multiple headliner doesn't even make the main card of a fight night show. It's not like it's a card crammed full of name value or top prospects, it has to be one of my least favourite things the UFC have done booking wise this year (Eye vs Calvillo main event is top of the heap).

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Disappointed with how the main event played out. Looks like we’ll be seeing another Holly Holm title shot in the not too distant future 😏 was really hoping Aldana might rise to the occasion here. The division badly needs new blood and this was her big chance and she got outclassed. Holm’s at that point now where she’s never going to be the champion again but she’s still good enough to keep picking contenders off as they’re coming up the ladder. The division is struggling enough for depth as it is, Holm eliminating potential challengers isn’t helping. Although, I suppose it doesn’t really matter. The end game is a beating from Amanda Nunes either way so sod it. 

Felipe vs De Castro wasn’t what I’d hoped for. I just wanted to see a fat man brawl with a KO. Whole thing lasting about 3 minutes would’ve been ideal. 3 rounds of this was always going to be ugly. This could’ve been basically any Heavyweight fight in about 2003. Aside from that brief flurry early in the third, this was complete arse. 

Germaine De Randamie vs Julianna Pena went almost how I expected. Although I wouldn’t have called GDR choking her out. That’s a terrible look for Pena. She was meant to be the grappler here and GDR was supposed to be the Kickboxer with no ground game. Yet this happens. In fairness, you could see in the Nunes rematch that GDR has improved on the ground but still, she’d never subbed anyone before and she put Pena straight to sleep. Don’t know where Pena goes from there. I could see GDR maybe getting a rematch with Holm to determine who gets battered by Nunes again next. Maybe. What else is there at 135 at this point? 

Kyler Phillips vs Cameron Else was a mauling. Phillips might look like a child dressed as Russell Brand but he can do some damage from top position. 

Dusko Todorovic had a strong debut. This fucker is going to be fun to watch going forward. Felt bad for Townsend. He’s had a horrible year losing his 2 brothers recently. Last thing he needed was an arse kicking like this. Can’t wait to see more of Todorovic though. Doesn’t look the most technically pretty of strikers but he’s definitely going to be must see for me from here on in. 

Carlos Condit vs Court McGee was decent. Not a show stealing war or anything but that’s not it was about really. Condit badly needed a fight like this. Finally gets back in the win column, stops that rot setting in any further and he got 3 rounds in with a tough guy and came out on top. Speaking of McGee’s toughness...


And he just casually straightened it out himself before the second round. Condit talked about it to the media after the fight;

Nice to see Condit get a win. Still not convinced it’s majorly significant though sadly. This was a good fight stylistically for him and McGee is kind of at the same stage in his career so this could be misleading if people think Condit is ‘back’ now. If they throw Condit in with some young beast next I have a feeling it’ll be back to the miserable nights for him. Although I’d love to see him go on one last run. Either way, he’s never getting a sniff of title contention again. The top boys at 170 like Usman, Covington, Burns etc are the types that were always Condit Kryptonite even in his prime. Hopefully they just match him up with fun fights now. He probably only has a few left anyway. I know he’s been talking about wanting a rematch with Nick Diaz but I’ll believe Diaz is coming back when he’s moaning about the decision after the fight and failing the weed test. 

Jourdain vs Culibao was a good old scrap. Scorecards were all over the place though, weren’t they? 30-27 one way, 29-28 the other, then it ends up a draw? My attention was wandering during the fight so I wasn’t scoring it closely but to have 2 judges score it 30-27 and a draw is odd. Whatever. It’s what we’ve come to expect.

Really enjoyed Lookboonmee vs Asian Miesha Tate as well. It’s not working out for Frey sadly but I love Lookboonmee’s style. Especially the striking in the clinch, the use of elbows etc. You can see she’s always going to struggle a bit against grapplers though. Frey getting that takedown so easily in the third wasn’t a great sign. But anytime she’s matched with girls who will stand with her, she’ll shine. Wouldn’t mind seeing her vs Michelle Waterson at some point. 

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I skimmed it. Thought Condit looked alright but McGee was tailor made for him to look alright against. I still dont wanna see him bunged in the deep end. The Matt Brown fight makes perfect sense.

DeRandamie/Pena was a cracking little fight though, wasnt expecting much but enjoyed that.

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I’d like to see it but I don’t know if Condit vs Cerrone is realistic. They’ve trained together going back to Cowboy’s days at Jackson’s and I’m sure I heard Condit did some training at Cerrone’s ranch for this fight.

Love the sound of Condit vs Pettis though. 

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