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I don't play anymore because I can't remember to put my picks in every week. The chances of me remembering who won this between 2005 and 2012 are remote. All I can say is that I didn't win any, my reluctance to ever put the Bears down to lose certainly didn't help!

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So as we still await the conclusion of week 12 (hopefully the Steelers/Ravens game will be completed this evening) the Usual update will be delayed. However the Thursday game has been pushed back

It was a High scoring week with 4 players tied for the top score of the week, one of which was leader @SpykeDudlei1 who extends his lead to 6 over 2nd place which is now a 3 way tie as @Vegeta (one of

I misread as WR/TE as one pick rather than a WR and a TE so have put WR in here rather than edit the original post. WR Hill (Chiefs)

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