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Tyson vs Jones Jr

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I enjoyed it. Thought Tyson looked great, and it ticked all the boxes I'd mentioned in my previous post. Well worth the money and a fun night had.  I see Jake Paul has called out McGregor. Now, b

Reckon it’ll be a shit show, if you think I’m staying up until 5am to watch this thing, you’d be absolutely correct.

I don't think today's casual boxing fans have much - if any - knowledge of Foreman's comeback in the 90s. From what I have read, uninformed boxing fans fall into two camps on Tyson. Namely: 1) "E

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been announced this will be on Fite TV, so its gonna cost 10 notes or so.


Undercard announced too. UFC vet Rashad Coulter fights youtuber/boxer Viddal Riley on there, Logan Paul apparently fighting an NBA player. Its gonna be a weird one.

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They were plugging it all throughout the Denzel Bentley card last night on BT. The BT Sport YouTube channel has stuff up as well and there’s all sorts of other bits and pieces on YouTube with guys like Teddy Atlas, David Haye, Steve Bunce and so on giving their two penneth.

It’s still happening but if you want hype you’ll have to dig around online yourself. It’s just not one of those fights that’s going to get much mainstream buzz, despite the names involved, because people pretty much know what it is. These guys are a combined 105 years old, for fuck’s sake. And Tyson hasn’t fought in 15 years.

I’ll end up watching it out of morbid curiosity. It’ll follow on nicely from Dubois vs Joyce earlier in the night and it’s not like there’s anything huge going on over on the MMA side of things that night. It’s an odd one though. And if Tyson wins, especially by knockout, you just know things are going to get ridiculous with divs talking full on comebacks and all that carry on. If he wins then I think at a stretch you could squeeze a third Holyfield fight out of it at best. I’ve got a feeling Jones spanks him though. And that’s coming from someone who cringed and winced through all those bad KO losses when he was way past his best. Tyson’s obviously bigger and more poweful but Jones is still going to be way faster and he was still fighting just 2 or 3 years ago fairly regularly so you have to think he’ll be much sharper. It really feels like a thing where anything could happen but I’d favour Roy myself. How many rounds is this mess scheduled for?

Anyway, there’s no point hyping yourself up too much. It’ll never live up to it anyway. 

That gets the old blood pumping. But then on the night itself;


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