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I'd completely forgotten about JustinTV. I remember in the pre Network days you'd have short lived channels popping up that would just show old Raws on a loop. 

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My sources tell me that Vince is getting more in tune with social media and how it modernises integration with fans. As a result, all talent have to have Vince in their top 8 on MySpace. 

To be fair, I'm 35 and I'll text someone back rather than answer the phone as I chucking hate speaking on phones. 

someone should just fucking brain him with a folding chair while he's in gorilla, just full on steroid era Barry Bonds home run right to the old cunts head then pull his kecks off while he's crying on

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On 11/15/2020 at 5:24 PM, Statto said:

Genuinely didn't know that's what had become of JustinTV. Used to be my go to for college football streams until proper services came along in the UK.

Didnt it go to shit after someone live streamed their suicide?

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