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Sonja Deville nearly abducted

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They've changed the Summerslam match to Loser Leaves WWE so at least it looks like she'll have time off to deal with everything, credit to them both for still actually going ahead with the match anyway, don't think anyone could blame them for just wanting time off immediately 

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It's Florida, so he'll end up governor

Yeah I am sure she would have had no problem fighting off a knife and mace wielding maniac who snuck into her home. Have a word. 

Any legit martial arts training will teach you that you don't take on someone with a knife unless you've exhausted every other option.  If getting in a car and pissing off is an option, you go wi

1 hour ago, LSM said:


So in an update the guy who broke into Sonyas house has pled not guilty. Crazy.

So he's going to make her relive the whole thing again in court, or he thinks his lawyer can get him off on a technicality. What a fucking dickhead. 

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