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A thread in which for Arsenal and Spurs fans to have sexual tension and poor banter 20/21.

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Welcome to the Premier League Scotty Parker.  

Hope this makes it up to you. Amazing stuff.  

Sort of related, I chuckle at my Footie Manager save every time I see that the centre backs for my Cove Rangers are Martin and McGuinness. 

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On 9/20/2020 at 2:25 PM, air_raid said:

Scoreline flattered. Everyone apart from Son looked lethargic. Must not get carried away. Newcastle at home next looks imminently winnable as I type, without wishing to add “live commentary.”

Even the mere hope of “played crap today but we’ll probably beat Newcastle “ was too much to ask!

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Carabao Cup or not, they hate us and we hate them, so to beat them on penalties is even better. COYS

Dier popping off for a piss/poo was probably the highlight of the whole lot though (wasn't a game of highlights).

But did give everyone on Twitter a chance to use 'Dier-rhea' and think they were wildly original though, so minus points for that.

Edit: Grim. 


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dier has pooey hands
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