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A thread in which for Arsenal and Spurs fans to have sexual tension and poor banter 20/21.

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19 hours ago, air_raid said:

I did. He spent a couple of seasons playing with (I perceived) arrogance and his media profile and sponsorship deals seemed to increase at the exact inverse trend to his form on the pitch. That BT advert (where he’s doing different sports) that started airing between seasons and the articles suggesting he was going to be on the cover of FIFA 18 (eventually turned out to be bollocks) preceded his relatively disappointing 17-18 season and fairly drab World Cup, goal aside. He then started pocketing more cash from deals with Lynx, Adidas and other big names, then got his HyperX deal half way through 18-19 during which his contribution dipped again. Kane stayed constant, Son improved year on year, but its uncanny the way the timings of Dele becoming more and more of a big shot in terms of off pitch revenue streams coincide with his play degrading.

I remember him being in the Pepsi advert as well (With Messi I think) at the last World Cup. 

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Not all of it. Man Utd got hammered. 

Welcome to the Premier League Scotty Parker.  

Hope this makes it up to you. Amazing stuff.  

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2 minutes ago, Lorne Malvo said:

I've gotta say, Spurs are probably the worst team Wolves have played all season. Outside of that first minute goal, they did the square root of fuck all for 90 minutes. I'm actually embarassed we only got a point out of it. 

You definitely should've won, and easily so. That header at the end should've been buried. Spurs were absolutely fucking shit. The only joy I have watching them is Tanguy Ndombele. When he goes off, I am incredibly tempted to turn it off. Joyless wank.

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Sherwood, crap results?? I'll make him read out those win percentages! The greatest of all time. 

What a horribly negative team Spurs have become, which obviously isn't surprising. If you (and by you I mean Levy) make a deal with the devil then you know what you're getting yourself into. A couple of weeks ago it looked like you were going to get the obligatory Jose honeymoon period. Doesn't look likely now, even with Kane (he's no Calum Wilson tho) and Son playing out of their skin.

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1 hour ago, hallicks said:

How are you feeling about El Bacónico tomorrow, @SuperBacon? Obviously it's league cup so no-one cares but it must be a bit since the last competitve Spurs-Brentford game.

Really, really looking forward to it (On my birthday too :) )!

It's been 20 years since the last time they met, however that was during my 'Lost smile years' so I don't remember too much about it to be honest, and Spurs had an absolute dogshit team at that time.

Two years prior produced a couple of crackers, with Spurs on their way to League Cup victory (Nielsen and Savage bogey final) and about 12000 was in a rocking Griffin Park that night, and I was sat with my Grandad in the Braemer Road stand, and IIRC Brentford went ahead twice in the first leg and scored within a minute in the second! Decent Brentford squad that year as well as they went up, but Spurs name was on the cup. 

The pinnacle though was in 1992 as I got to be ball boy for the 2nd leg. Brentford had just been promoted (went straight back down), so spirits were high and still had a few from the glorious season before (Blissett, Smilie, Gayle) and Brentford were well in the tie until the quality took over.

It's weird, the only players I can remember giving the ball to was Edinburgh and UKFF favourite Vinny Samways. I wanted to throw the ball to Teddy!!!

As for this time, it's a tough one to call. Brentford are absolutely flying, and in Ivan Toney have someone who can trouble Spurs slow CBs. Flanked by Canos/Dasilva and Mbuemo, they can REALLY hurt Spurs, and they'll come out and press and play. They don't know how to sit back, and will take the game to Spurs...

...Which leads to their own problems. Similar to Leeds at the weekend, if Spurs are on it and can punish unforced errors, it's game over. In Kane and Son, and the spaces left, they should have enough to see Brentford off, but saying that, the Bees have done well to come back from losing positions this season. Should be a really decent game.

I'll be cracking out the half and half scarf, and as it is the League Cup and at such a late stage, I'd love to see Brentford make a major final. I don't think trophies are the be all and end all in football (LOL YOU WOULD SAY THAT SPUD!!!!), so for me, the final will mean more to Brentford as it's more likely Spurs will be in a position to get there again sooner rather than later (but in more likelihood the final will be without fans, which is gutting).

If it was the FA Cup, it might be different, and I understand Spurs NEED to win something (for the players rather than the fans) but that's my feeling on it, and if that makes me less of a Spurs fan, then so be it. I reckon 1-1 after full time, Spurs in extra time.

It'd be very Spursy to blow a semi final after drawing the lowest ranked side in the competition (especially after playing only two games to get there), but at the same time Brentford are the most Spursy team in the Championship now Leeds have gone up (the ending to last season being the epitome of it-Beesy?) so it'd be very fitting for them to blow this opportunity too.

TL:DR I am looking forward to it yes. COYS and COYB.

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