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Dana White's Contender Series - Season 4

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Did anybody catch Episode 5 this week? It was a pretty strong show.

Featherweight bout

Chase Gibson (aged 30) (9-4) vs Tucker Lutz (aged 26)  (9-1) 

This fight went to the judges. Round 1 was pretty even up until the last minute of round 1 which saw Tucker get the take down to give him the round. Round 2 was all Tucker as he picked apart Gibson on the feet to give him the 2nd round. Round 3 was more even, Tucker got some good shots in, so did Chase. The round ended with Chase having Tucker's back but the buzzer went and the round was over.

Official Decision: Tucker Lutz (30-27 on all three score cards.


Light-heavy weight bout

William Knight (aged 32) (7-1) vs Cody Brundage (aged 26 ) (5-0)

William Knight had already been on a previous season of DWCS but instead of giving him a contract they gave him a development deal. I've seen him fight before on a Cage Fury show and that's where he got his first loss (the guy who beat him is on next weeks show). That loss was a quick referee stoppage which he protested at the time but I thought it was fair when I was watching it. Back to tonight, William Knight is a unit, he's the same height as DC but built like a brick house.

Cody Brundage was undefeated coming into the fight, he's been a pro for less than a year, he's married to former UFC fighter Amanda Cooper and he trains and is cornered by Anthony Smith (who was on crutches).

The fight only lasted 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Cody got the take down straight away and got his back and was mounting him on top, the referee was a second away from stopping it until Knight reversed it and it seemed Cody has spent all his energy trying to get the finish. After Knight got on top he rained down with some ground and pound and the fight was over. William Knight as the winner.


Bantamweight Bout

Ronnie Lawrence (aged 28) (5-1) vs Jose Johnson (aged 25) (11-5).

Both of these fighters had pretty tough and inspiring upbringings. Ronnie's single mother had a few suicide attempts when he was younger before unfortunately successfully taking her own life when he was getting into MMA. He was close with his mum and dedicates all his fights to her.

Jose Johnson's father walked out on his family when Johnson was a young lad. Then his mother met a new man and eventually left all her kids behind to be with her new man. Jose was effectively raised by his grandmother who unfortunately passed away a few years back.

Johnson's record is 11-5 but it's worth nothing that at one stage his record was 5-4 so he has been on a bit of a run as of late.

This was a fantastic fight that went to a decision.

Round 1 was all Ronnie, he landed takedown after takedown and hit Johnson with some really powerful leg kicks. Johnson landed a great elbow to bloody Ronnie up but that was the only thing of note he did in round 1.

Round 2 was very similar to round 1. Takedown after takedown. Johnson did awesome to keep getting up but equally Ronnie did awesome to keep taking him down. 

Round 3 was all Ronnie on the ground. He was trying to submit him the whole time and really tried to end the fight.

Official Decision: Ronnie Lawrence by UA. 30-27. Dana White stood up and applauded when the fight was over. In his post fight interview Ronnie was very critical of his display despite interviewer Laura Sanko reassuring him he was nothing but impressive.

Flyweight Bout

Jimmy Flick (aged 29) (14-5) vs Nate Smith (aged 25) (6-0)

The highlights before hand showed that Jimmy Flick likes to use an arm triangle to beat his opponents. He had a bit of a bad back story too. Both his father and brother are addicted to drugs so he had to cut them out of his life in order to focus on MMA. Once they sort their shit out he will accept them back into his life.

This fight was incredible. Jimmy Flick has an incredible submission game, all fight he tried to submit Nate. Nate limbs must be made of rubber because on about 4 or 5 occasions it looked like he was about to tap but he always got out.

The finish came in Round 3 when Jimmy Flick locked in his signature arm triangle which made Nate Smith finally tap. Nate Smith is tough though. Flick dominated this fight and Nate did awesome to survive for as long as he did.

This fight had the most submission attempts in DWCS history.

Winner: Jimmy Flick by arm submission. 2 mins into round 3.


Featured Bout - Featherweight bout

Dennis Buzukja (aged 22) (4-1) vs Melsik Baghdasaryan (aged 22) (4-1)

2 fighters with hard to spell names and even harder to pronounce in Baghdasaryan's case.

Dennis trains out of the Serra Longo gym and Melsik trains out of California with Ronda Rousey and all of the well known fellow Armenians of his.

This fight went to the judges with Melsik getting the Unanimous decision. It was a good fight that was pretty back and forth. Both fighters were tough but as it was so back and forth neither fighter really stood out.

Winner: Melsik Baghdasaryan


Contract Winners

William Knight - Easy decision. He has 2 wins already on DWCS so he had to get a contract after finishing it in round 1.

Ronnie Lawrence - Dana loved him. He can't wait to see more of him and he thinks he will be a star. He thinks he is special and he thinks he is going to be something.

Jimmy Flick - Dana loved this fight and he was high on Flick too. He loved that he was trying to finish the fight


Contract Losers

Melsik Baghdasaryan and Tucker Lutz. 

Neither were awarded a contract but Dana White has invited them back on to take part in season 6 in November. Dana also invited back Nate Smith who lost to Jimmy Flick as he saw something in him too.

Very strong show this week, This is my first season watching DWCS and I am fully on board with it, I encourage you all to start watching as I think a lot of the future UFC cards are going to be padded out with this guys.

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6 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

like always ive dropped off with it, nice write up though Zebra

Thanks Egg Shen. I think now is the best time ever to start watching as the fighters who come out relatively unscathed have more chance than ever to slot into a fight night card on short notice to replace some one who has dropped out from Covid. 

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