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Want: WCW Nitro 1998


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That would be great. What format are they in please? I couldnt find any info on an upgraded 98 set when I looked around, so trying to swap put my bad ones. Next up I need to source a 99 set. Me and my Mrs are working our way through the Monday Night Wars. She wanted to check out the Attitude Era, but I always felt the rise of Austin in 96, the evolution of Rocky Maivia, and the Hart Foundation stuff etc was a big precursor to all of that. I haven't watched Nitro. years, so we are watching both promotions week to week. Good times! Haha

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DVD or Blu-ray - but basically VHS to MPEG-2 DVD (the conventional method). I've then cleaned the audio up (dehissed so they're nice and crisp), put chapter marks in, animated menu etc...

I upgraded the Nitro 98 set and released it on Blu-ray but not many copies exist. I didn't release it on DVD because many of the episodes span over two discs (when Nitro went 3 hours), and at the time there wasn't much of an appettie for dual layer discs - and I certainly didn't want to compress them.

You're doing right starting in '96 really, if I were you I would have started in September of 95 with the launch of Nitro and you can see a shift very quick on the WWF side. Anyway here's some screenshots of 8/17/98. Some other episodes are actually better quality.






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