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10 minutes ago, Tommy! said:

Wasn't there a run of naming people in a leading newspaper (I forget which) that ended quickly and quietly after someone's house got set on fire because thier name was similar to a name printed and people got confused?

Are you thinking of the News of the World campaign that couldn't tell the difference between a paedophile and a pediatrician, and resulted in an innocent man's house being targeted?

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Etymology, of course, standing for Every Thing Your Mouth Orates Learnt Over Great Years.

Yep. Nothing worse than someone who is so insecure they need likes on the internet from strangers. 

Show me where the capital letters touched you.

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Yeah. One of my mums friends, who has since blocked me, was one of those constantly posting bullshit things about foreigners getting free booze from supermarkets and the like. The final straw was when on two consecutive days she posted two pictures of completely different men saying this is what Jon Venables looks like now. When I pointed out that they can’t both be right and someone’s, probably both of these lives are being ruined by these posts she said “Better safe than sorry” with no hint of self awareness. She is also married to a foreigner. 

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7 minutes ago, gmoney said:

She must be loving all the free booze. 

It seemed it wasn’t available to the Irish and we were ok because we came over here and worked, unlike the ones who come over and don’t work, they steal our jobs instead. 

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