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Transformers are way better than Gobots

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The latest Titan. The Ark!

With Teletran!





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5 minutes ago, air_raid said:

Mainframe was Teletran 1 all along??

Presumably an extra splash of paint and they can double dip on the sculpt.

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2 hours ago, BigJag said:

Isn't Mainframe a Gobot. I'm struggling to recall him as a Transformer aside from the Action Master.

He's just a Gen 1 Action Master I think.

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It's definitely very cool and looks to have a lot of interesting features. I especially like the lighting. Does it take away some of the playability though? Clearly at that price point It's aimed at the collectors market and it won't often be handled. I need to watch more videos of it. I can't remember if it rolls on its own.

Nemesis Prime with his Micronaut.


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