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The Official UKFF RAW thread (part 2)...

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47 minutes ago, TomJones233 said:

Never give Bobbo a mic again .

That's always been my main issue with him. He wrestles like a beast but he's pretty awful on the mic. Plus I don't know, he just doesn't have a threatening face and that's probably a weird thing to say. But hey at least he's doing a lot better now than he was when he first came back.

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I had a quick go of Thunderdome tonight. It’s pretty much exactly the same as watching the show normally, only with the added bonus of being so distracted trying to find yourself in the crowd that thi

Collectively, they sound like a verse from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ By The Way. What an odd choice.

Like going to a show and calling people cunts?

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5 minutes ago, CL Punk said:

Would WWE keep the title on The Miz for a match with Bad Bunny at Mania?

You know how The WWE bloody loves to have celebrity involvement at Mania, I wouldn't put it past them to pull a "David Arquette" here.

I refer you to my breakdown over this in both this and the Elimination Chamber thread.

I’m (nearly) convinced they’ll do it. 


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