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Frankie Crisp

VHS and Betamax You Have Recently Rented

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In the order that I watched them over the last few days:

Trespass (1992)

This was a straight up, fun, piece of action that you would have had a hard time not enjoying. Thought William Sadler stole the show really, and Ice Cube was good as the snake like, underling bad guy. Plenty here to keep you entertained, including appearances from two of John McClane's friends from Die Hard's 1 & 2, Argyle and Barnes. I was half expecting Al or Zeus to turn up next.

One False Move (1992)

Paxton had a busy, quality, 1992 didn't he? This one caught me on the hop at the beginning, with how tough to watch the opening scenes were. It had me wanting to see the bad guys meet their demise from the off. Twists and turns towards the end as well that I didn't see coming, showed there were more layers to this one than I was expecting going in. A full thumbs up from me. 

Extreme Prejudice (1987)

I liked both of the films above, but this was definitely my favourite of the three. I don't know whether to be disappointed that I hadn't seen this one before now, or relieved that there are still a tonne of gems out there that I haven't seen, for me to find. Both from actors that I like and genres that I enjoy. Nolte channels his inner Clint here, as the hard man, morally incorruptible sheriff, with plenty of gems of one liners and a steely stare that would make a man weep at his own inadequacies. Dammit, doesn't he carry off a pair of Aviator's well too? Powers Boothe, Rip Torn and William Forsythe all had really good turns here as well. Two thumbs up. 


Many thanks to @Frankie Crisp and @Devon Malcolm for the links and recommendations (among many others, these seem to be particular favourites around here). Up next when I get a chance are Hard Times, Judgment Night, To Live and Die in L.A, and Night Moves. Looking through my watchlist though, I'll be kept pretty busy for quite a while as there's a tonne there that I've added to it, but gotten sidelined by TV shows with endless seasons. It's been nice to take a break from them though, and get back to some movie watching.

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Weird Double Header last night

Maiden Voyage (Youtube)

Classically shit Casper Van Dien movie on a ferry, not a cruise ship, honest. Obviously It's brilliant despite its zero budget and bullets that make those in the A team look accurate

Suicide Squad (Prime)

It's okay,  It's not uber shit nor amazing. Assume it was a sleeper for a Deadshot series of films, rather than what those who want it to be is. Amanda Waller is the bad guy in this surely?

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