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VHS and Betamax You Have Recently Rented

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The Silent Partner (1978, Talking Pictures TV) I hadn't heard of this before, but saw Elliot Gould and Christopher Plummer as the stars and I was sold. It's a thriller with a really nice set-up -

6 is brilliant, but 5 has one of my favourite details - the guy playing Tommy in it was a born again Christian, and apparently only felt comfortable doing it when he realised that evil was punished in

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1 hour ago, gmoney said:

Can't Stop Music

Village People musical starring Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner and the Village People. 10/10. 

Sample scene


This looks amazing. Never heard of it. Where may one find it? Also, spotted this on the Wiki

"Since its initial failure, the film has gained something of a cult status as a camp film. Released on DVD in 2002, the film has been screened at gay film festivals, including the 2008 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and is an annual New Year's tradition on Australian television"

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9 minutes ago, gmoney said:

Ah, yeah I wasn't sure of the etiquette there, as she was under her old name, so thank you.

Was at a quiz where the quizmaster refused to give anyone a point who said The Matrix was directed by the Wachowski Brothers, but did accept that Sonny Liston lost his world heavyweight title to Cassius Clay. 

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16 hours ago, FelatioLips said:

My parents borrowed my Amazon Prime to watch Borat 2 and turned it off at the High Class Ball part for being a bit too much. Me and my Wife watched it a few days later and turned it off just after that part, but because it was boring.

It’s not a patch on the first film, but there’s a great reveal at the end. And there’s also the car crash of the Bernie scene at the end where you’re watching it going, “What the fuck are you doing?”

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Chappie (pirate)

Neill Blomkamp is a fraud and this is absolutely terrible. Imagine putting Die Antwoord in your film and then giving them actual big roles. Nobody emerges from this with any dignity.

Happiest Season (Prime rental)

Lovely lesbian romcom with Kristen Stewart finally producing a performance that was actually interesting, although she's outshone by Aubrey Plaza and Mackenzie Davis. No shame there though. No real surprises, but a nice take on a genre I often like.

Boss Level (pirate)

Joe Carnahan tries a timeloop film but he made the mistake of putting Frank Grillo in it and Frank Grillo fucking sucks. Mel Gibson looks bored and I know how he feels. Naomi Watts and Selina Lo are excused. Probably would have been good if a better director got hold of it.

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