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WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 3.0

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Yeah man I looked on the IO interactive website reading up on the new features of the new hitman game and I saw it had a link for the new james bond game which I think if the creators of the Hitman trilogy are creating it, It could easily be up there as good as goldeneye for the n64 but updated and modern. Anywho only 2 days till the launch, However i read online they are doing a global launch for it on Wednesday which lands on 1pm our time. I was hoping to download the game overnight then wake up and launch into it but obviously that's not the case now

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The event was a massive success! The original target of £100 (we're all small streamers) was thrashed immediately, so we upped it to £200, then £300, then £500. The current amount is £1052.99

It turns out he's got no willy.

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I'm coming up to the end of HollowKnight. I've put 60 hours into it so far, but every time I think I've seen it all I suddenly discover a brand new area. It's such a brilliant game, with actual care and attention gone into it. I've avoided a lot of boss battles though because they tend to be rock solid, but I'm at a point now where I have to confront my demons and defeat them all before I can make any more progress. Off the top of my head there's ten bastards that I discovered and just quickly back-pedalled after five minutes of countless deaths. Wonderful game, all in all.

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39 minutes ago, CAREBEAR LUVVA said:

You can preload Hitman 3 now on Xbox, and Playstation preload starts later today. Then you can start playing immediately when the game unlocks on Wednesday.

Ahhh really so it's already available and downloading on the xbox. I'll check back on later to see if it's ready to download on the playstation 

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1 hour ago, jazzygeofferz said:

It looks interesting. Is it as close to the No Mercy gameplay it purports to be? 

It's along the lines but it's been a while since I played No Mercy so I can't confirm exactly. 

I'd say the one of the fun parts is going through the characters and seeing who they are supposed to be. 

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4 minutes ago, westlondonmist said:

i paid £15.99 for it, I would suggest waiting for a cut, U wanted a wrestling game and the other 2 on the system are shit and cost more. 

That's crazy I remember having one of his other wrestling games on my Samsung tablet I'm sure it was free, his jail game was pretty fun for an hour

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