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Boxing: News & Discussion Thread

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Nothing to add to current discussion, other than for some reason, last night, I felt compelled to make something, and, well...

Suppose it depends if they’ve got a 12 hour gap in the schedule. 

Scott Harrison. The unsettling real-life example of what happens if you merge a traditional Glasgow hard man with the ability to actually fight properly. Frightening. 

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The cards look really good too. 50/50 bouts between british fighters. Should get more of this on a regular. 

Mick Hennessy has announced a channel 5 show against Shakkan Pitters vs Chad Sugden too. 

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On 6/27/2020 at 7:21 PM, Gooner said:

You can, he should have been banned for a long, long time for what he was doing in the first place. If it's proven he did it on purpose, he needs to be banned for life. 

New Miller interview. Fair play to the interviewer here, he doesn't sugarcoat his questions or dance around the issues.

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