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Boxing: General News & Discussion Thread

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Nothing to add to current discussion, other than for some reason, last night, I felt compelled to make something, and, well...

I’ll put my bias on the table first: I love Frank. In years of working in sports and media, he’s the nicest most loyal bloke I’ve ever met. He kept me paid during lockdown when there was not much work

I think Chisora is at his best with come forward fighters, like the first Fury fight, Takam and the two Whyte fights. He will struggle with Usyks head and feet movement. Plus Chisora raises his game w

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I mean, if its gonna continue with Trilla, they have to go Tyson/Holyfield.

Early signs are that Saturday was a big success so we'll likely see more shows. Tyson himself has said he wants to do an exhibition every 2 months😄 

It really couldnt have gone any better could it? I think it showed their limitations enough to pour water on the silly 'Tyson is back' claims but at the same time they fought well enough that the hardcore boxing community has recieved it warmly for it to move forward with way less hesitation. 

I had my reservations, but I gave it a chance, and im in.

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The DAZN app has launched in the UK. £1.99 a month for a while. 

December will have the Canelo and GGG fights on there, then Jan has Garcia/Campbell. Well worth 2 nuggets.

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