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The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever


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At time of writing we’re just five days away from seeing THE GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER. No more discussions on best matches will ever be needed; we’ve been told. It’s this one, and hereafter always will be.

But how do you think it’s actually going to go? 

I can only see it going one of two ways:

1) Randy Orton hooks in a chinlock so effectively that Edge simply cannot break out of it. They’re down on the ground for 40, 45 minutes in that chinlock. Every 5 minutes or so Edge struggles a bit and nearly escapes, but doesn’t. Somewhere around the 50 minute mark he manages to turn it into a rollup and gets the 3 count.

2) RKO out of nowhere, 1, 2, 3, match is over in 10 seconds. Orton brags forever more about winning the greatest wrestling match ever.

What do you all think is going to happen? Because whatever it is, there’s surely no way this is actually going to be counted among the greatest wrestling matches ever.

Also you can use this thread to chat whatever else is happening at Backlash. McIntyre vs Lashley I think.


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As other people mentioned in the Raw thread, I can see it being shot cinematically, black and white with Raging Bull like music playing over the top

Or knowing Vince and the writers, New Day at ringside playing As Time Goes By on kazoos

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29 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:


2) RKO out of nowhere, 1, 2, 3, match is over in 10 seconds. Orton brags forever more about winning the greatest wrestling match ever.



In an ideal world this would happen.

As a prediction, I think we'll see 6 RKO's in the match, including one from Edge.

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10 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

Now they've used the Greatest Showman music

I genuinely think this whole thing is based on the fact that at some point they paid a chunk of change to license use of that track with the intention of using it for Mania, found it didn't fit with the pirate gimmick, and are now trying to get some use out of it before the licence expires.

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48 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

Now they've used the Greatest Showman music I'd be well up for them doing some cinematic epic with Vince as the circus leader and the superstars playing his freaks. 

Maybe even Oddities flashbacks.

team america vomit GIF

Worryingly, it sounds like something they'd do. "Cinematic" WWE sucks.

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In their prime I'd have been surprised if they got close to a so-called ***** match so I am really curious as to what approach/shenanigans they go with to try and make it passable.

The 'Mania match was rotten and wouldn't have been THAT much better with an audience as the majority of the action ultimately sucked.

Possible Christian interference and they both turn on him?

Cannot see anything other than Rated RKO reunion.

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"2020, a time of disease, death and civic unrest, not just for a nation but for the world. For 2 hours the despair of the world was put aside for The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever."


We open on WWE.com's top president of all time, Donald Trump, wearing his now signature Make Wrestling Great Again cap. 

Trump: We had the greatest President and the greatest match of all time. They kept telling me how great it was. It was great. Maybe if I was in it, it could have been better. But it was great. Ignore the fake news media. You've never had wrestling so great.

Dave Smeltzer, wrestling critic and historian remembers it well.

Smeltzer: I gave it 10 stars. I'd have given it 11 but it wasn't in Japan so....

"For Bret Hart it vindicated an industry he still felt bitter towards."

Bret Hart: I remember Edge texting me the night before and saying that this was for Montreal. When I next saw him I went up to him with tears in my eyes and said that was the greatest wrestling match I'd ever seen. 

"Even the immortals remember the noise that match made."

Hulk Hogan: I remember 200,000 people in the Silverdome rising to their feet when Randy Orton slapped his leg brother.

"Others remember it as the night their nightmares ended and they came home.

Cody Rhodes takes a break from building a new throne for Triple H. 

Cody: I knew the war was over then. I knew I'd get to come home. 

"Even movie stars couldn't help but be impressed."

Cena: I just remember thinking, Super Cena? More like Super Edge and Super Orton. I retired there and then. Its thanks to Edge and Randy that I was able to concentrate on movies and win 5 oscars. 

"But what do the competitors remember about the greatest wrestling match ever?"

Edge: We totally reeked of awesomeness that night!

Randy Orton: Backlash 2020? Wait, was that the night I shit in the wrong bag? 

"Sadly now the match has been lost to time. Some of the most out there conspiracy theorists claim that Vince McMahon may have erased the tapes when people suggested that it wasn't the greateat match ever, others say he simply forgot to take out the tab out and ended up recording over it with hidden camera footage of his daughter and son in law working out. We may never know. There can be no doubting though that it was The Greatest Match Ever, as decreed by Presidential Mandate."


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