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UFC Vegas: Eye vs Calvillo - Jun 13 🇺🇸

Who wins and how?   

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Not the worst card ever but that main event was the nothing happening cure for insomnia everyone expected. 

Calvillo vs Eye was what it was. Calvillo won clearly, I had her winning probably 4 rounds. But Christ it was dull as shite. Just circle, circle, circle, jab, circle, circle, winging punches at thin air, circle, circle. Rinse and repeat. But Calvillo won easily on account of probably landing the harder shots and getting the better of all the grappling exchanges. Didn’t feel like it raised her stock much though and it certainly didn’t convince me at all that Calvillo poses any kind of threat to Valentina Shevchenko. 

Marvin Vettori looked pretty good putting Roberson away in the midcard grudge match. Nothing much to it. Roberson started OK but Vettori poured it on and Roberson seemed overwhelmed and it was just a matter of time. 

Rosa vs Aguilar was pretty good. So-so first couple of rounds but it warmed up nicely for a fun third. Wasn’t quite the barnburner I’d hoped it’d be but a solid fight. 

Andre Fili vs Charles Jourdain was the best fight on the card for me. Although no FOTN bonus was given. Good competitive fight. And a close one. All comes down to how you had that second round. Thought Fili probably edged it. 

I quite like Mariya Agapova already. Really strong debut performance. Read a few comparing her to early Joanna Jedrzejczyk and I can see it. Not the striker Joanna is but the frantic aggression was very similar. Nice sub too. The old Hughes vs Trigg 1 standing RNC. 

Prelims flew by with the first 3 fights lasting under a minute.

Julia Avila battering Gina Mazany was one of the highlights of the card for me. The quick finish and the blood curdling scream she let out after, then the contrast of her reverting back to being smiley and soft spoken in the interview after, it was great.

Tyson Nam KO was class as well. Stopping a GLORY Kickboxer in 32 seconds! Yeah, not bad going.

Decent enough outside the main event. I think the smaller cage at the Apex has really been a major factor in why we’ve seen so many finishes and action packed fights on these last few shows. Saw Dana saying the other day that they’ll be using the big cage for Fight Island but I hope they change their mind. Aldo vs Yan in the old WEC sized cage sounds like pure mayhem. And that’s just one example. 

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Pretty good card with no real stinkers apart from the main event. We knew that going in so I won't dwell on that too much.

Mariya Agapova probably came off the best out of everyone on the card, she looks like she is a good prospect and if she gets a few more wins under her belt, she could quite easily shoot herself up the rankings.

Both the Fili/Jourdain fight and the Rosa/Aguilar fights were too hard to judge, Aguilar could have edged it if he just showed a bit more aggression. I thought Jourdain was unfair on himself when he looked surprised that one of the judges scored it for him. It wasn't a clear cut win for Fili in my eyes.

I'm glad of the result of the co-main, I never usually like to see the loud hothead win as they appear all the more smug afterwards and I don't like their behaviour and heightened bravado being rewarded....however I never like to see some one who misses weight win, so on this occasion I am glad of the result. I don't envisage Vetterori rising up the rankings but he will be involved in some fun fights with his instant aggression in the cage.

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He’s off again;

I love this thinking that we can’t judge a card until after it’s over. If that’s the case then Dana shouldn’t say a card is going to be great before it happens either. ‘You can’t have an opinion on a card before it happens. Unless it’s a positive one.’ Pish. Eye vs Calvillo as a UFC main event was a scraping the barrel, fucking dregs of the roster headliner. That’s a fact not an opinion. 

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Wasn't a bad night of fights overall, but the "headliner" was a stinker and I did fall asleep in the 2nd round waking up to see the end of the 5th.

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Probably didnt hate on the main event as much as the rest of you cause i had a few quid on it. Calvillo looked alright, she'd get killed by Shevchenko though. 

I skipped the prelims here which was a mistake, enjoyed the main card though. Thought Fili/Jourdain deserved that FOTN, guess they wanted to reward the finishes though.


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