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Good storylines in WWE 2010-2020

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2 hours ago, Statto said:

Obviously it started in 2009 (well, long before really cos ultimately it's all about The Streak) but the Taker/Michaels/Triple H Wrestlemania arc is one of my favourite storylines of all time.


  • Taker disappears for a year. When he reappears, thus time he's the one who can't live without getting the rematch.

Love it, love it, love it.

There was also that great bit where The Undertaker came back unannouncedĀ to interrupt Triple H, before Triple H could say anything after having his return promoted, just like Triple H had done to The Undertaker the year before.

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I was all set to reminisce on the greatest storyline and series of matches (HBK vs Chris Jericho) and it turns out it was 2008. Gutted.

Otherwise I echo the following:

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

John Cena vs CM Punk

Daniel Bryan vs The Authority

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3 hours ago, King Pitcos said:

New Day vs Usos. For me, maybe the best tag team feud ever - certainly since the TLC boys. Long-time readers know Iā€™ve long been a Kofi supporter, and New Day are one of my favourite acts ever in wrestling. Iā€™d consider their entireĀ rise in 2014-2016 as one of my most enjoyed character journeys of all time, but I want to focus just on this feud for now. Heel Usos were a revelation, and Ya Boyz were the perfect adversaries for them. Every meeting between them, verbal or physical, was on point. And then it built to that absolute war in Hell in a Cell, which resulted in a show of respect and the Usos turning babyface. A feud so good that they can still get mileage out of references to it, like in the KofiMania gauntlet, or when they end up in three-way feuds for the tag titles.

Interesting shout this one. Gotta be honest, I have a hard time separating this from a Kofi/Ziggler style 'best of 1000 series' type feud. The Usos were brilliant heels and that HIAC was fucking brilliant but I can't recall much development in the story beyond good Uso promos and match after match.

New Day were settled into their routine by then and it wasn't doing much for me so it was all on the Usos to carry it. Maybe need to revisit it because nothing specific stands out.

Agree with the opinion on stories building to a good conclusion. I think Orton/Harper/Wyatt is one of the best they've done in the past decade but that fell off a cliff.

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