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Overheard snatches of conversation


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Sometimes in life you can be walking along minding your own business and you can just hear a line or two of conversation that makes you wonder what the rest of the conversation could possibly have been about. 

Today I was at the cash and carry, and as I am returning my trolley I hear from the other side of the half pulled down roller door

"I'm 31 years old and I've only just figured out why they call it a japs eye" 

That made me laugh more than it should to be honest, but it did also make me wonder how the fuck that comes up in conversation to begin with. 

So what have you overheard that made you laugh, wonder what was going on or both?


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About ten years ago when I was living in Coventry I overheard an angry mum ask her son who was playing up "what have I told you about that?" to which the child responded "bring on the wall!!" in the most excited tone possible. That really made me chuckle lol.

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Getting off the train a woman stumbled off the train, pissed as a fart, and told her mate 'fuckin hell that made me tampon fall out'


Overheard in Tesco one teen mum talking to another.

'I had that baby blues me'

'Me too, in America they call it postmortem depression'

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Glasgow to Paisley train. Circa 2014. Late shift at work, heading home and invariably it's me and two wee neds in the carriage. 

They're obviously getting it on so I try to ignore them, turning up my iPod and finding myself consumed with interest in the "what to do in the event of a fire" poster.

In between songs:

"F*cks' sake Sheena is that a sh*te nugget!? Ya clatty midden."

"Serves you right for fingering my farter ya prick I've not been!"

So many questions. Will never forget it. 

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