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King Pitcos

Undertaker - The Last Ride

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So I was all ready to write up a big pile of thoughts after watching the final episode, until I saw that @tiger_rick had captured my viewpoint almost dead on anyway. Saves me a bit of work.

As I said after episode one, and it still holds true after seeing the last one, the strength of the series is the footage, the weakness is the narrative. The narrative is executed so poorly for the first three episodes, so disjointed, so wrapped up in candyfloss with no ability to make you feel anything is actually real, "peaking" with episode three, that I was almost ready to bin it off completely as a total pile of overhyped shit.

The last two episodes were much better, with the fifth being by far the best. Frankly, it almost made me wonder what the point of the first three even were, since the entire story was told well in only two, and the others sniffed around the surface of the exact same points in a more inauthentic fashion. It could have been condensed to a three parter, or, if they are going to make it 5 feature lengths as they did, delve a hell of a lot deeper into his career story and execute it much differently.

The series would have been far better had they talked about the entire story in the past tense and then referred to or show the great footage, using it to enhance and reinforce or add depth to the story, rather than what they did and almost always do, which is for the footage to unfold almost in real time, and for the footage to be the story. With, as usual, that story undone at every stage with the WWE trope horseshit that can't send a straight message if its life depended on it. The Last Dance on the Bulls got the balance dead right, and are far better documentaries because of it.

As an aside, gotta love a documentary that focuses on early 2000s Taker's love for putting guys over, when almost all the clips they showed were matches he went over and didn't really help anyone.

When the last 20 minutes began on the final episode and they started showing all the old Taker moments and memories and entrances, I almost got mad at how good it was, because the entire series should have been that good. It was the first time in the whole series it actually captured why any of this was a big deal, other than leaving it to the viewer to assume everything is a big deal while we see this broken old man struggle his way through another agonizingly dull performance, saying for the 1000th time that he's going out on his terms. Imagine having all that at your disposal to make people feel something, and choosing to re-air the boring limo ride to the building in episode one where he's half in character trying to act cool in his snazzy blue shirt and hat.

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