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Over the top Wrestling hyperbole


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We all know that pro wrestling is even worse than Sky Sports/WWE for over hyping its product, but what wild claims have made your eyes roll over the years?

To me one of the most stupid is when Arn Anderson claimed that the Undertaker's WM streak was akin to winning 18 Superbowls in a row. Fuck me, I don't even know where to start with how wildly overstated that comment is.

Gorilla proclaiming the Undertaker to be a "cold blooded individual" at WM8 also annoyed me unbelievably as a kid as my Dad starting taking the piss about how ridiculous and fake this "WF shit" was.


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With how well protected Taker has been over the course of his career, I’d say that Arn comment isn’t anywhere as bad as somethings.

Tony’s best will always be when he claimed that there were 100,000 in attendance for Bash at the Beach 95

As for eyerolling moments, I call @Astro Hollywood to the stand with Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Segal, hereby referred to as Exhibit A

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"OH MY GOD HE KICKED OUT OF THE TOMBSTONE! He's kicked out of the tombstone, have you ever seen anything like it!?"

Yes, approximately 6 minutes ago when they kicked out of the first one. Really winds me up. I know suspension of disbelief and all that but kicking out of finishers is every other match now. Grrr.

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37 minutes ago, scratchdj said:

One that always got me was when a commentator insisted the ring had been reinforced for a rumble or battle royal. Maybe that was true, though.

I used to say that when I was MCing before the rumble. Pure class. 

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