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12 superstar draft


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New challenge alert 
You can draft 12 superstars from wwe/nxt alone tags Count as one pick as do stables

saw this on Twitter thought it Would be fun to see who people go for and why.

1. Roman reigns.

The ace of the company use him properly use the fact he is a cancer survivor and genuine inspiration instead of unfunny promos and he draws big money.

2.drew McIntyre

Doing a fantastic job as Champ at the minute can adapt well to either role very well

3. Aj styles

Great performer can be used to elevate other talent. 

4.new day

Got Kofi and woods as big merch shifters and got E for the breakout star that he should be 

5. Undisputed era

Adds depth to all divisions 

6. Rhea Ripley 

Future ace of the woman’s division for me got the lot in my opinion 

7. Broseerweights

Good team with the potential to split them off and be single stars

8.randy orton

Brings the star quality and name value to put over rising stars 

9.brock Lesnar 

Still a massive attraction for casuals.


Future world champ material and also it brings Vega with him to manage other stars in time 

11. Charlotte

Name value and can add a lot in the heel bitch role 

12. Bianca belair

Got charisma flowing out of her and can wrestle pretty good aswell

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Bagsy the Horsemen. That way I can split them and have some baby faces in the deal.

Although I'll trade Roma for the whole Dudley family. 

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On 4/29/2020 at 3:21 PM, Shane O' Mac Version 2 said:

To be fair, WWE's drafts see them do the exact same thing, from the nWo in 2002 all the way to the New Day present-day.

Only sometimes though. The APA and Dudleys got split in the 2002 draft, and the Riott Squad, Harper and Rowan, Bayley and Sasha Banks and Jinder & Friends were separated last year. It seems you can choose in WWE, but in this draft, you have to take the full team/faction.

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