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WWF/WWE Hasbros


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Having been off for some time now I appear to have started to collect WWE/WWF Hasbros again, my folks having sold off most of the originals barring Quake, Hawk or Animal I cant check which as not at home and 1st Big Boss Man many moons ago.

I'm going for a mainly tag team angle, aside from a few others that I've wanted and  I am looking for the following with no particular rush

I'm looking for:-


Mr Perfect (Yellow Singlet)

The Warlord ( gutted keep missing Powers of Pain customs, bah!)



The Million Dollar Man (Black Tux)

and whichever member of LOD  I am missing


If anyone has these for sale or can point me in the direction of  not extortionate ebay job lots then that would be amazing. Many Thanks in advance.



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