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UKFF Film Club week 2 - Snowpiercer (2013) SPOILERS


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I knew absolutely zero about this one going in except that the fine folk of the UKFF seem to really dig it. The thing is I hate snow. I hate snow so irrationally that I'm even put off watching films which feature snow. So chances are if it weren't for the UKFF Film Club I'd have probably continued ignoring it.

Which would be a damn shame because it's a tremendous bit of dystopian sci-fi. I love Captain America he's awesome and Captain America is great in this as is pretty much everyone. It's got a belting cast.

If I had any minor criticisms it's that they didn't really show how the upper class tier actually live on the train. Presumably the guards lived in the bedding area that is a few carriageĀ up from the back but I wasn't clear on where the rich folk live.

I mean it's not like the people in the party carriage could actually live in the party. The film does a brilliant job really creating a culture in the start so that it feels like a very real society exists in the lower class carriage. But as they get deeper into the train I thought less so.

I'd be interested to know how well it plays on repeat viewings as I did find it quite tiring by the end. Not in a negative way. Just that it's not exactly a laugh riot. It's just a bit bleak so I was wondering if it gets less engaging when you already know where it's going?

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