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UKFF Film Club - Sebastiane (1976) SPOILERS


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I had a vague memory of hearing about this film years ago but outside of knowing that it was a gay interest flick I had absolutely no idea what it was about.

So frankly the most shocking thing about it was that it was performed entirely in Latin. I suspect it's the only film I have ever seen in Latin.

The thing is I'm not exactly the target audience for this flick. It doesn't really have any traditional action or suspense or really much of a plot either.

The action I guess is the sheer abundance of Male nudity. Which to be honest is it's saving grace. Whilst I'm not gay myself, I am still absolutely amused by bums and willies. Particularly buttholes. You hardly ever get to see buttholes in movies.

Forinstance as well as the aforementioned Latin language being a first for DEF. Other firsts include seeing a chap fiddling with his pubes whilst another dude shaves his entire body with a knife.

One of the things I was surprised by were the scenes of sexual assault towards Sebastiane. See it's very widely known that the BBFC have a very hard time with sexual assault depictions especially when they are intentionally eroticised. In this instance it blatantly was. Ok so they don't go the full hog to rape with the molesting scenes but they definitely are assaults.

My guess is that because the film has the Latin gimmick they assume that only intellectual types will watch it. Jokes on them I'm a dolt and I watched it in HD.

I'm aware the plot is a retelling of the Saint Sebastian story. However I've no idea what that story actually is. So how faithful it is I'm none the wiser on.

The ending seems to sort of come out of nowhere or perhaps seemed disproportionate maybe. Sebastiane being merc'd just because he's unpopular and doesn't want to fuck the Roman dude didn't seem like a good enough reason.

Still his death is a pretty great scene.

Questions for the more knowledgeable UKFFers, what was the deal with Max's weird nose mask thing? Also is this a super influential film for the gay community?


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Like @DEF I don’t watch many films aimed squarely at the gay community. My experience of major gay productions probably stopped at Queer as Folk 2. 

absolutely not my usual choice of film, and my first in Latin as well.

positives. The score by Eno was good. Also I liked the use of POV for shots, not something I’ve really noticed much of in films made at a similar time. The pig POV especially. The framing was very interesting as well and you can see it being looked at as an art piece.

Negatives. Not much of a story. It’s short run time still felt like a drag at times. Acting was very ropey as well. Opening scene was mad! Also we’re Frisbees that old?

All in, interesting choice, I’m glad to say I’ve seen it. Can’t say I’m in a rush to rewatch it though

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