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The mystery of BRITISH WRESTLERS fanzine

Astro Hollywood

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I don't know if this is deserving of a full thread, but everyone's stuck at home, and The Dark Side of British Wrestling is fully on-brand for this place.

For the past few years, among the adverts in the back of the Fortean Times for UFO detectors and self-published books about crop circles, there's been this ad.


How intriguingly sleazy. No website or email address. SAE required. It's like something from 30 years ago. Look at the hand-drawn pictures and typewritten fonts, a FANZINE OF WRESTLERS LIFESTORIES [sic] - and that headline, 'IAN DEAN ABDUCTED'. I dread to think what POOR PAUL'S PUNISHMENT was.

While it's been cropping up for years, it's always the exact same advert, showing this one cover and no other info. Ad slots there are pretty expensive, so it's not a prank. I've been meaning to post about it for ages, but it's just come up on a Fortean discussion board, which is where I've nicked the following photos and info from. One of the posters on there sent away for more information, and the address was a dead drop PO Box. They were told that the cost for four issues is £10 plus six postage stamps, and that payment would only be accepted in the form of a £10 note.

The guy who signed up was only member 37, so it's not a huge seller, and definitely not making its monthly ad rentals back. It turned out to be a pretty normal fanzine, albeit looking slightly like something Nic Cage would use to mop up cum in that film 8mm.


It's not my imagination, is it? BRITISH BEEF.


Okay, definitely not just me. 'HIS'TORY. TOOLED UP AND TOPPED.

Lots of avatar potential there, lads. Has anyone else heard of this? Are there any subscribers on here? Or perhaps even the creator? Will there be future issues with stories about Alex Shane or Kriss Sprules?

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I actually posted asking about this a few weeks ago! Every time I buy Fortean Times I'm intrigued by that ad.

Only accepting cash money makes this even more intriguing. Like it has to be either some outsider art shit or incredibly sleazy.


A few years back, I was Facebook friends with Shane Stevens on Facebook after he ran a show over here. I would subsequently get occasional friend requests from Facebook profiles with no photos of themselves, but galleries full of screenshots of World of Sport matches - only World of Sport, no other wrestling - in which young lightweights in trunks were in "compromising" positions. That last pic puts me in mind of all of that.

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13 minutes ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

"Dragged out of the ring and marched to his fate." What happened to him?!

Whoever's behind this is pumping some money into it. Only 37 subscribers (at the time), and taking out ads in Viz as well.

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There has always been a sleazy minority within British Wrestling fandom :(

Back in my tape trading days the availability of WOS footage was extremely limited (which was my gap in the market), which led to some very awkward phone conversations on the landline with customers.

I once got a phone call at about 7.00am off a Sunday morning requesting a "compilation tape of big men". Shortly followed by the enquiry in a posh voice "I assume there is a Mrs. Mountevans, Mr. Mountevans?"

Please do not confuse this with homophobia. This was just a weird conversation (one of a handful from different customers over the years) that started off badly & never picked up. I could say that i have gay friends, but people even dislike that talk nowadays. Anyway! I even have been sent photos (if only i had the knowledge to upload them, you lads would all forget about this virus for a while because they are a bit disturbing). There are sleazy people of all sexuality's & trust me, these were dodgy :( 

I suppose i best give some indication of the material before someone asks? It was all about male on male domination with all kinds of suggestive movez by dudes in skimpy gear. A bit like that Dave Kidney guy, who's images have cropped up on here. 

For me wrestling is not a sexual thing. I can watch the most beautiful people doing their stuff & only see the wrestling. There are plenty of much better options for sleaziness outside of wrestling, if that is your deal?

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